The Wider View.

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Have been asked by Elaine of to show a few pics of the wider view of our place. So here we are, ready for a little tour.

This gravel garden which is in its very early stages, it was only started in April, is still being worked on. This is at the front of the house. Front entrance behind and to right from where I took this pic. The wooden building is a separate building, I will do a post on that soon.

From outside our back door, which is the entrance we use most and where you arrive to the house, looking left there is a big weeping Birch and a cottage garden style flower bed.

Looking right is the herbaceous border and beyond can be seen Corry mountain.

Round the corner of the house is this small grove of trees, Birch, Sycamore and Scots Pine. This is opposite the herbaceous border. The grass is left uncut, apart from an edging strip, until September. The goat shed can be seen in the field beyond.

Continuing on to the gate and our steep drive. Decent brakes needed here!

Looking back towards the house from the gate.

The next post will show pics from the vegetable and fruit garden.

  1. You have a lovely place and plenty of space to put all those plants and flowers. It really is nicer to view a wide angle photo sometimes than only the individual plants. thanks.

  2. All that hard work has been worthwhile. Super.

  3. I always enjoy an overview of a garden. Thanks for the tour! You have such a peaceful setting.I love the cottage garden. We once lived at the top of a treacherous, winding, steep drive, and I said never again! So I don’t envy your drive, but you do have a wonderful view.

  4. What a lovely and isolated place! And you have a woods (grove), which can be such great small worlds of their own. I come home down a long lane too, and always feel a sense of returning to my sanctuary. I bet you do as well.

  5. thanks Bridget I do love long views, good luck with the new gravel garden, Frances

  6. Thank you for a tour of your garden, it is beautiful. I enjoyed it a lot.

  7. Not only beautiful gardens, but also beautiful country. Love the rolling hills. I enjoy seeing wider views of property. Very nice.

  8. What a lovely spot – you lucky thing! It reminds me how much I miss hillsides living in Essex.

  9. It looks lovely. I can just imagine scrunching up the drive to the house!
    Jane x

  10. What a beautiful place you have.

  11. Thank you , now it all starts to link up in my mind.

  12. Thank you so much for doing the views of your garden, I have a much better idea now of what you are talking about. You have a lovely place something I hope you are justifiably proud of.

  13. I hope the rain stops for you and you have some beautiful sunshine soon! Love the pictures of your gardens, very pretty! Look foward to following your blog in the future! Happy Gardening and Wishes for Sunshine for you, Mindy

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