What is it about water?

In Ireland, Off the beaten track. on August 22, 2012 at 10:24 pm


Ben Bulben Mountain near Sligo shrouded in heavy mist.

As the  Earth breathes the waves move in…and out again.

Deserted beaches are so appealing…

So much seaweed… I wish I’d brought a bag.

The weir at Clarendon Lock just outside the village of Knockvicar.


  1. What is a weir? Beautiful scenery.

  2. Wow, so many great forms of water. It is so magical.


  3. What do you do with the seaweed if you collect it?

  4. Your photos are very calming – we are off on holiday shortly – I can’t wait to get back to the coast.

  5. I would love to live on a seashore.
    Jane x

  6. Water is so powerful yet calming, such opposites !

  7. Lovely photos. I agree that water is calming and soothing to be around. Some day we hope to put in a pond. I’m thinking ducks!

  8. Beautiful photos, Bridget. And beautiful thoughts and words to accompany such magical images. Yes, there is something about water. It’s nature’s own magic. It’s life-giving and life-affirming. It’s healing. It’s calming. Wellywoman, you’ve written my thoughts exactly – my dream has always been to live by the sea. I have always been drawn to the ocean. I feel like I’m ‘home’ when I’m near the ocean, walking along the beach, taking in its awesome power combined with its healing calmness and serenity. Thanks for sharing this with us, Bridget. I think I need to get in the car now and drive out to Strandhill,

  9. My dream is to live by the sea. I can feel the pull of the sea at the moment. it’s been 2 months since we were by the coast and 6 weeks till our week in Cornwall. Can’t wait. I feel like a different person when I’m by the sea, it’s hard to describe. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  10. Being near water always makes us feel good doesn’t it. There seems to be an inbuilt need to be by water, just like the need to be by trees and meadows.

  11. Water can be calming or exhilarating – my holidays wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Lakes or seaside. I used to visit the river near my childhood home and slide down the salmon trough x great fun that is not recommended these days!!

  12. Seeing your lovely photos has brightened my day – thank you! I love being on the coast and don’t get there half as much as I’d like.

  13. lovely photos Bridget, the sea is lovely I love it but sometimes too much water is well just too much, now is not a good time for collecting seaweed as it’s full of wee creatures better to collect seaweed in the winter months, Frances

  14. Lovely! and lots of lovely seaweed!!!

  15. I find water so healing to be around. Whether walking the beach, jumping the waves, sitting on a rock and watching the surf come in and out, there’s a powerful there.

  16. Beautifully taken photos, Bridget. Thanks for sharing them .

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