Out and about in Arigna. part 2.

In arigna, Off the beaten track. on August 16, 2012 at 4:18 pm

We sheltered in the old school shed during a rain shower. One could almost hear the laughter and chat that went on here in times gone by. No ipads and mobile phones then,  just skipping rope and hide and seek. I wonder did children have the problems they have now. I suppose not,  but I’m not under the illusion that all was better then. The problems were just different.

Remains of other old buildings add to the air of abandonment.

The roof on this building, just down from the school, looks remarkable good. Some lovely stone in the walls here.

Ferns and mosses seem to love the lime in these old walls.

In the distance the mountains are being taken over by wind turbines and monoculture plantations of Sitka Spruce. Money being made for people who live far away from here. With the threat of fracking on the agenda who knows what will be next on the horizon. Fracking rigs? Let’s hope not!

As we head home we pass through tunnels of conifers…

and some fast moving Fuschia!!

  1. What a wonderful day!

  2. love the wall of ferns and mosses Bridget, shame about the view with turbines and conifers much like some parts of mainland Scotland, I still think of you everytime fracking comes up on the radio I hope it doesn’t happen, we were very lucky here that the RSPB own much of the moor behind my house and a Euro directive stopped large scale wind turbines, small projects for local purposes happening, Frances

  3. Fantastic, freaky fuschia foto !!

  4. The fern clad wall is amazing. Mother nature can plant up gardens anywhere and her work always looks good.

  5. Bridget, as sad as it is to see the ruins and the loss of a way of life, I do love the play of greenery and stone. The photos of the school in this post and the previous post was especially touching. If only the walls could talk.

  6. Love seeing the shots of the Irish countryside.

  7. Problems began in the caves. School sheds were good places for them to spread to. Love the wall of ferns – and the fast fuschia too.

  8. Loving the fast moving fuschia 🙂 The walls with the ferns and mosses is gorgeous. i love how nature reclaims somewhere.

  9. The school shed!!!! We had one of those in the convent in Graiguenamanagh, during the sixties, where we used to eat our lunch. Even in the freezing middle of winter!!!
    I love the old buildings. I always wonder whose lives were lived there and how. Great pictures.

  10. I’m so glad I followed your blog, it’s always such beautiful break in the day. Thanks.

  11. We’re under threat of fracking here as well. There is a strong protest against, headed by the local mayors. Fingers crossed for us and you!

  12. I really don’t like wind turbines for the damage they do to bats and birds..never mind the health problems people living near by have been getting.
    Jane x

  13. These are wonderful photos, Bridget – maybe especially because of the rain.

  14. Love the photo of the ferns growing on the old wall. You live in a very beautiful area – hope it doesn’t get spoiled by development and exploitation.

  15. Such lovely old structures! Thanks for sharing these photos.

  16. Lovely photos–especially the “fast moving fuchsia.” What a great effect!

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