Reflections at Samhain.

In Ireland, nature on October 31, 2012 at 4:05 pm

The trees are providing a wonderful colour display this year. Unlike other year’s we have’nt had the harsh winds that rip the leaves prematurely from the trees. Reds, pinks, greens, yellows and browns are the colours of the moment.

Some plants, like this Geranium, which are in sheltered spots,  continue to produce blooms as we head into the first days of the Celtic Winter.

Even the brilliant orange of Montbretia is fading, having decorated our gardens and roadsides for many weeks. 

The leaves have already dropped from the Rowans leaving the berries glowing like Christmas baubles. Soon the weather will become harsher and the birds will feast here.

Rosehips catch the eye as myself and the Dogs take our daily walk. Walking is done earlier in the day now…before the evening chill sets in. I’m not one for walking in the darkness…even on our quite laneway. From now on more time will be spent indoors. The intense activity of the Summer is past and the larder is filled with the fruits of our labouring.

Walking back up the lane this handsome black Cow comes to greet us. Friendlier than the rest of the herd she even let me rub her.  A small privilege that gave me such a lift.

I have often heard that Fairies have white blood because they nourish themselves by drinking milk straight from the Cow’s udder under cover of darkness. Maybe this girl will be visited tonight.

Happy Samhain!

  1. There have been wonderful hips, berries and crab apples in the Capel Manor gardens where I’m studying. Feels really good to connect with autumn after an intemperate summer. Not sure I could’ve resisted saying hello to that cow either!

  2. Fall is so magic. And I’d never heard that fairy story! Love it.


  3. I love the fairy story with the white blood! So interesting!! And what a pretty, fluffy cow. She looks like she needs to be petted. 🙂

  4. Love cows! I think montbretia here on the Dorset coast stopped flowering a while back. Haven’t noticed so much this year as in others. This afternoon saw the tiniest geranium I’ve ever come across. The plant was about two inches high and the flower on it (pink) about the same. It was in someone’s garden and I didn’t like to stop and photo it from the road – though I was tempted.

  5. Still no frost here. A rather damp and dull autumn has meant few days where we’ve been able to appreciate the autumn colours, unfortunately. Good to see you post again. WW

  6. The autumn colours are beautiful, it’s a lovely time of year for taking walks!

  7. Beautiful colours!!!! Seems quite a good omen Bridget that the cow of the Goddess Bridget should appear and be so friendly!!! Perhaps a little reminder of the bounty of the earth/Mother as we move into the Crone season!!! Lovely post.

  8. I l love the autumnal colours and berries, Bridget. I don’t think we had this much colour last year at the same time.

  9. So very nice to see you posting again! I’ve missed your lovely photos and happy gardening/living words and spirit! Thank you and Happy Samhain to you, as well.

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