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In Garden, sustainable living on August 18, 2012 at 3:33 pm

The Lilies have emerged in the last few days. The heat giving them some encouragement. I love their heady scent but find it a bit too strong for in the house…not that I would dream of cutting these beauties. They thrive in this bed which has very good drainage. I really must plant some more.

The shady border beside the chalet has mostly white flowers at the moment…Galega, Yarrow and Shasta Daisies. Soon the Sedum will turn red giving a new focal point.

The pond which is here just over a year is full of life… especially Pond Skaters… loads of them. The Water Lily is producing another couple of blooms. I just love Water Lilies.

Flowering Fennel has the insects in ecstacy…they just adore it. Loads of Hoverflies,  Bees and Bumble Bees  about today. Nice to hear a buzz in the air. For so much of this Summer we did’nt have that…

In the polytunnel Dahlias are in flower. Dahlias don’t do well outside here…the ground is too heavy and wet. I planted tubers in big pots this year and they are doing well. They get an occasional feed with the Comfrey and Nettle liquid feed.

 Purple Teepee Beans are ready for harvesting. They lose their purple colour when cooked but they do look so great when they’re growing. Beans have done well this year. Broad Beans gave a huge crop…then we had the Green Bush Beans. An abundant year…despite the weather.

Grapes are starting to colour too…better clean out them demijohns…soon be wine making time!

Succulents are amongst my fave plants. So easy to grow and propogate. This Sempervivium has produced lots of babies. They can just be broken off, planted in a gritty compost and hey presto you have a new plant!

  1. My lilies were the same this spring. I had them vased in the house, came downstairs the next morning, and had to take them right to porch. They were even very fragrant out of doors. Lilies are one of my favorites, but from now on…only one stem in the house at a time.

  2. Catching up after taking a bit of an on-line break last week. Love the photos, especially the pond. There’s something magical about water with life in any size.


  3. I love that you have found space for dahlias in the polytunnel. Those beans look fantastic – what a great colour. I think you have made a little corner of paradise in Arigna, Bridget.

  4. I so enjoyed this virtual tour of your garden, Bridget. In many ways mine is behind yours — my grapes for example. On the other hand, my cottage garden is definitely declining rapidly while your white perennials are still blooming profusely. There is a feel of autumn here. How I dislike the end of the garden season! P. x

  5. Beautiful photos. So glad to hear about your successes this year.

  6. Your garden is looking great! I really like the pond – have you had any frogspawn in it yet?

  7. Hi Bridget . oh, I so love your pond! it looks so friendly and a cool place for birds & insects to visit for a wee sip!

  8. Those grapes look delicious. How amazing to make your own wine. We’re getting quite a good crop on our french beans too. I love your pond.

  9. Love the look of your mostly-white shade garden and the Lilies look beautiful. Your pond is certainly looking great. Love the old tree trunks and stones around it.

  10. I love the variety of colour, texture and life in your garden. So much beauty to be blessed by.

  11. I don’t know if you’ve discovered it yet, but you may find that the pond is the one “garden” that demands the least amount of work and yet you get the most pleasure from it. I’m out at mine every day, rain or shine, looking at the fish and the frog (until they hibernate–but I still look!)

    Love your beans. I do purple too. Lately it’s been a challenge. I’d been doing purple pole beans but the deer were eating them so this year I tried purple bush–the rabbits have now found them. Ah well–I got one small crop. And they left me lots of lettuce!

    With all the deer parading through my yard, I can’t try lilies–yours are just gorgeous!

    • I did badly with Lettuce this year, it kept on going to seed. Deer and rabbits, now that’s a challenge. We don’t have rabbits here, I think the ground is too wet for their burrows.

  12. Bridget….lovely garden. I am going to have to ask you about your grapevine. I bought a baby this year and want to know how and where to grow it 🙂

    • I have mine in the tunnel planted on the western side so not casting too much shade. Many people plant the root outside but I did’nt. The roots however do run so put some slates down in the soil to stop that. I prune mine about 3 times from Spring to Summer. When fruits are set I prune 2 leaf nodes beyond the fruit.

      • Thanks a million for the advise Bridget. How about leaving it in a big pot and burying the pot in the western corner in the tunnel. Would I start it growing up a cane till it gets to the roof?

      • I’m sure it would do fine in a large pot if you top up with fresh compost every year. When it gets to about 4 ft you can put in wires for tying in side branches, actually put in wires before you plant the vine.

      • Thank you Bridget 🙂

  13. Bridget! Your gardens are lovely! I especially like the shady border garden and the pond.

  14. The garden is looking great Bridget – and your grapes are way ahead of mine.

  15. Wow – those grapes look good Brigette x

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