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Great seasonal recipe from this lovely blog which I’ve just discovered. x

Putney Farm

There is no doubt that it’s pumpkin season here in northern California. Everywhere you look, there are pumpkin farms and patches and the Half Moon Bay pumpkin Festival is this weekend. Lots of pumpkins, fun and…..traffic. We avoid the festival but we do like to go to the coast and visit some of the pumpkin farms for both eating and ornamental pumpkins, it’s fun and the kids love it. But until then, we can make these pumpkin muffins to satisfy any pumpkin cravings (and as a nod to the Great Pumpkin).

And these are very good muffins, more like pumpkin-spice cupcakes. But that is a good thing, a very good thing. The recipe we use is a riff on Sarabeth Levine’s well-known rpumpkin muffin ecipe from Sarabeth’s Bakery in New York. You can also get the recipe, and many others, in her cookbook “Sarabeth’s Bakery: From My Hands To…

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  1. What a great way to use pumpkin – much tastier than a lantern! I hadn’t come across the Putney Farm blog before, thanks for highlighting it.

  2. Wow they look so beautiful!


  3. Just what I was looking for! I’ve Got company coming this weekend, and you’re right….these should go quick!!

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