Flowers, flowers, flowers.

In flowers, Garden on August 11, 2012 at 8:05 pm

Even though this Summer has been one of the wettest, dullest and coldest ever the flowers have played a blinder. If anything they have been better than ever. I think this is partially due to the fact that as the garden matures there are more areas of shelter and windbreaks. Did’nt see this lovely Hollyhock until it started to flower. Supposedly black, it is more like a very deep purple to me. Is there such a thing as a truly black flower?  This one came up through a pink flowered Fuschia.

Cosmos of course never fail to please. One of my faves. They mature fully from a Spring sowing and provided you keep them deadheaded will flower until well into Autumn.

White Mallow and Feverfew in the shady border by the chalet. This border has filled out really well. It was begun in March 2011.

Earlier this year we buried our dog Alice here…it was a place he liked to sit. A packet of wildflower seeds was planted and from it came mostly these beautiful Corncockle. As purple is my fave colour I really like them.

Even Lavender which likes good drainage and lots of sunshine has done ok.

The archway above the garden gate is not as heavily clothed as other years…but not too bad either.

Finally this variegated Lysmachia in dappled evening sunlight. It is doing well under the shade of the Birch tree.

  1. Your garden is so beautiful! It is inspiring me to take our yard more seriously, tho’ will have to wait until Winter and Spring to get some of the ideas going.

  2. Lovely and colourful! Have been away from my garden for the past month and am so used to seeing the flowers again.

  3. Lovely, Bridget. My flowers have been a bit variable. My later flowering rudbeckias and zinnias have really struggled. They are finally showing signs of a bit of growth but compared to last year it has been shocking.

  4. I think the archway looks terrific — but the cosmos look like the stars of this year’s show. I usually plant them, but I opted out this year. Shame on me.

  5. Was going to say the the white mallow and feverfew looked really good together, especially against the purple of the heuchera – but I’m not the first to notice that! I may still use the idea in my garden next year though!

  6. so much colour and beauty around you.

  7. Things haven’t done well here…but the basil is going for world domination!
    Jane x
    PS Love the Cosmos.

  8. I think I shall move some of my white mallow to the shade border – thanks for the idea.

  9. That purple-black hollyhock is wonderful. My over-the-drive neighbour here in Switzerland has a similar one, which I get great proxy-enjoyment from. And now I get to enjoy your garden too!!

  10. The white mallow and feverfew look great together – did you plan it or did nature have a hand in it. The snails or slugs nibbled through the stalks of my hollyhocks just when the flowers were coming out so nothing for me this year, but I have planted a lot more which I am looking forward to seeing next year.

  11. Beautiful! Sometimes I think the worse the weather, the better the flowers do. Here, in northern Michigan, USA, we’ve had a very dry summer, yet the flowers are wonderful. Even the flowering weeds are most beautiful. And the berries, the best in years! Even the wild blackberry bushes are loaded with ripening berries, and they only get water if it rains. My theory is that they are in survival mode: trying to set lots of seed to survive. Thanks for all the lovely pictures!

    • Berries have been fantstic here too. Never had so many Blackcurrants and Gooseberries. The wild harvest is looking good too as Blackberries and Rowan berrries ripen.

  12. I love the white mallow and feverfew… I imagine it looks lovely in the shady area x

  13. The abundance in flowers and all the gorgeous colours also has a lot to do with your green fingers and your magic touch, and your love of all growing and living things. It’s no wonder that Alice loved to sit there and relax, near such natural beauty. Beautiful photos, Bridget. And I love that archway at the garden gate, too.

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