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As we face into another year on this planet called Earth many people are feeling a bit scared about 2012. Much has been said about Mayan calendars, solar flares and biblical prophecies foretelling the end of the world. My view…for what it’s worth…is that the Mayans were not foretelling the end of the world but an end of an era. I came to this conclusion after reading much about these various prophecies. My belief is that 2012 is the time for a change in consciousness on the planet.  We are all exploiters on this planet…that is the nature of the beast.

 Even Andy and I living here in rural Ireland are exploiters. No you may say…but the truth is yes. We are vegetarian so we do not exploit our animals for food directly. We do however exploit Enid our milking goat every day to obtain her milk. Hens are exploited to produce our eggs…

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  1. […] amazed when a few people commented and I realized they were from faraway places. Jean in India and Bridgett in Ireland were among my first readers…and I want to thank them for being so kind to a baby […]

  2. Three hours left to go – I’m going to spend it blogging !

  3. Hope you’re doing well! Have missed your presence online. 🙂


  4. How have you been? I have been away from the blog world due to reasons which can be found in my blog. Fantastic post and I absolutely agree with you. I do not have to say how much food is wasted all over the US, not only by markets but also by people. I hope this consciousness comes quickly because the current state of climate is not looking good at all :-(.

  5. best of luck look forward to new and interesting blog

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