A Change in Consciousness.

In green living, sustainable living on January 11, 2012 at 6:27 pm

As we face into another year on this planet called Earth many people are feeling a bit scared about 2012. Much has been said about Mayan calendars, solar flares and biblical prophecies foretelling the end of the world. My view…for what it’s worth…is that the Mayans were not foretelling the end of the world but an end of an era. I came to this conclusion after reading much about these various prophecies. My belief is that 2012 is the time for a change in consciousness on the planet.  We are all exploiters on this planet…that is the nature of the beast.

 Even Andy and I living here in rural Ireland are exploiters. No you may say…but the truth is yes. We are vegetarian so we do not exploit our animals for food directly. We do however exploit Enid our milking goat every day to obtain her milk. Hens are exploited to produce our eggs and bees for honey. A bit extreme you may think but we cannot blame others for exploiting without examining our own conscience. We have a car so…somewhere… fuel has to be pumped out of the earth to power it. None of us on this Earth can live here without being part of the exploitation that occurs.

But…we can exploit in a positive way…positive for ourselves and life on this beautiful planet. So much food is imported needlessly. Growing your own means you can be more responsible for your own nutrition. Food sovereignity gives one more financial independence as less money is needed. I really hate the supermarket trend of importing vegetables from all corners of the world to gratify our taste for out of season produce. In our polytunnel at the moment we have Carrots, Kale, Parsnips, Spring Onions( I saw some in the supermarket from Kenya), Turnips and salad greens. More than enough for variety. We do of course buy some provisions. We only grow enough Potatoes for half the year but we make sure to only buy Irish Potatoes. We also buy lentils, beans, flour and so many other things too.

 The Celtic Tiger years (late nineties to 2008 financial boom) seem to have made a huge change in the Irish psyche. They were the years of spend, spend, spend and damn the consequences. A third of food purchased in Ireland used to go in the bin…hopefully the last couple of years in recession will have changed that somewhat. On my travels I pass a local fruit and veg importers depot quite regularly. There is always a skip outside brimming with produce to be dumped. Shameful. The timber pile pictured above was given to us by a neighbour who did some hedgecutting last year. There were 6 others of similar size. They just could’nt be bothered using it. That was our gain but I do not understand this mindset. Cutting down trees then going to the local fuel depot to buy imported coal.

My hope for 2012 is that people do become affected by the change in concsiousness. That more and more people begin to appreciation and cherish this planet that has for so long tolerated our gross exploitation. If we all do our little bit to reduce the waste, shop wisely, use wild foods and grow what we can then there is hope. 2012…may it be the year where we take responsibility for our actions.

A change in consciousness…I welcome it with open arms!

  1. Oh, it’s all so difficult finding a way to live in harmony with our continuing world! We are part of nature and nature is pretty ruthless.
    Best wishes for Christmas.

  2. So many crazy, terrible things are happening as we get closer to dec 21, it does have me wondering if the end is truly upon us.
    i pray you are right that the Mayan’s prophecy is about a change of consciousness or new direction for the human species, not an actual doomsday scenario. But with Earthquakes and bizarre weather patterns and out of control human behaviour in so many places, I’m really starting to wonder.
    Other great civilizations brought themselves down via hedonism and lack of respect for the natural world. If it happens to us during my lifetime, it won’t be because people like us didn’t see it coming but because the others didn’t listen until it was too late!!!t

  3. Thanks for reposting this. I found it today on your FB page. Not being afraid is a big part of the picture, I think. Bring on 2013!

  4. This is such a truthful and beautiful post. I was watching some youtube videos of some Mayan descendants and what you describe in your post is exactly what they believe. They believe that the Mayan calendar continues, and that this is just the end of a cycle, one of awakening and transformation. They also say that people misinterpreted their calendar and in no way they refered to the end of the world, that their calendar continues, just as ours do. Anyhow, this is a lovely post and I enjoyed it very much, thanks.

  5. I completely agree. I have been a spiritual teacher for many years, teaching people how to ‘be’ from their own souls and thus value their physical life and the earth they live on. When I returned for a year, the year before the Celtic tiger lost its roar, I was shocked at how much Ireland had changed. Gone were the lovely cabbages and potatoes growing in people’s front gardens and ‘in’ were the manicured, pretty useless,but pretty lawns and flowers. I thought I was in Europe somewhere but no, I was in Waterford. I hated the huge supermarkets, with mountains of choice. I wanted to go to the little independent markets which no longer existed, although people did try to bring back the farmer’s markets.
    This change in status in Ireland is a good thing I feel. A chance for Ireland to get it right this time, without the bells and whistles. A chance to re-root themselves and find their values again. I sincerely hope this happens,even though it is a difficult time for all..

    • I sincerely hope that people allow themselves to readjust their priorities. All our small shops are closing and multinationals rule. Even in our small town of Carrick on Shannon we have Aldi, Lidl and Tesco. The cruelty to animals is on such a scale that it is appaling. Saddens me so much. Lets hope that people open their hearts to the new vibration and change will come. xx

  6. A well written post Bridget. If everyone make just a few small changes to their behaviour it could lead to such a big difference.

  7. Great post! That would be great, a change in consciousness, for the better of curz! We will see what happens..;)

  8. I am with you! We all need a wake-up call to get back to basics and be happy.

  9. Great article. I agree. I see 2012 as being a year where we develop new senses and become more aware of our place on he universe.

    It’s quite easy to see this happening. The evil and the exploitation you speak of is finally being brought to the light. It’s morals over ego now an that’s because a shift is coming. I’m glad you farm.

    I hope more people learn from people like you.

  10. I quite agree about how we as a species are approaching a huge turning point, and whatever we can do to mitigate the effects of our lifestyle and “turn the boat” onto a more sustainable course are essential. Maybe our garden will come in next year. One of the big debates over here is about the proposed Keystone XL pipeline from the Alberta tar sands to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico. To me, pulling tar sands oil is like a smoker rummaging through ashtrays for smokeable butts: a symptom of a much bigger problem. But now it’s gotten totally politicized, and we can’t even talk rationally about it anymore. I thought the Deepwater Horizon spill would be the tipping point for oil, and now there are earthquakes in the Eastern U.S. due to hyrdo-fracking for natural gas. I hope we learn in time.

  11. I am so glad that you addressed this issue. I work in a high school, and many students believe the Mayan prediction is true. I don’t. But I do worry what the days will be like leading up to the predicted end. I agree that this is an opportunity for us to come together as a planet.

  12. Very nicely written and I completely agree with you. I wrote a short sentence in my blog why the US has to import garlic when garlic can grow like weed here; just throw them in the ground and they grow. But, the US has to import garlic all the way from China!

  13. Very well said, but like you too much readings also showed me a lot of things about our consciousness. Readings also brought me to the Secret Government responsible for most of the chaos in the world. But in my consciousness i am trying my best to be centered, although it really is very difficult. I love your sign, did you custombuilt it?

  14. It is difficult to feel positive sometimes. My husband’s company has just announced more redundancies. I have friends in their thirties who are starting families but living in tiny flats because they can’t afford to move into anywhere bigger. These are people with degrees but their salaries can’t match the cost of houses. One friend is paying £800 a month to rent a flat in London with the smallest kitchen I’ve ever seen. They have no hope of buying somewhere and certainly not saving for a pension and yet they are earning a very good salary. They want to move out of London but the jobs market is so tight they just feel lucky to have a job.

    I completely agree Bridget. We certainly do need to consume less and I certainly think the economic situation has made some people think but I still see people choosing expensive electronic and gaming equipment over good quality wholesome food for their families. I am unfortunately quite pessimistic about people and their priorities and how much they will change.

    I also think we need to find ways to replace the consumer element of capitalism. We are seeing the impact on the high street of people spending less money which is great for the environment but difficult if it is your job that has gone and there aren’t any others out there. I think the biggest challenge facing the world will be to find some way of creating prosperity so that we can fund schools and health care but for that prosperity to not be based on consuming more and more.

    My garden and allotment do make me feel positive though. I feel I’m doing something to help the environment and I’m providing us with tasty, healthy food. Life feels less complicated when I’m gardening which is nice.

  15. Many great messages here Bridget. Wishing you a great year 😀

  16. Howdy Bridget — I think the winds are blowing our way. Here in the US I feel the corporate death grip is about to fail– It’s a year of change– political, environmental and spiritual. Hopefully the 11th hour is not too late!

  17. Nice post Bridget. My goal is to do better on my garden this year. Last year was a learning year (of what NOT to do). Desert gardening is a bit daunting (I envy you your green, wet climate).

  18. Thoughtful post.
    Growing your own, not being too proud to scavenge what others consider waste, trading with like minded people that aren’t a day’s truck hall or a 2 hour airplane flight from you….. all of these incrementally reduce what you label as exploitation.
    One of us makes no difference, but collectively we (eventually) can’t be ignored if we spread the word via action vs simply preaching.

    There are “doers” and “wishers” in this world. Doers make a difference, wishers don’t.
    From the other side of the ocean I thank you for your conscious decision to be a doer.

  19. I welcome the changes I see! And hope that we keep moving forward. A really good piece of writing. Though I see a lot of the farming that you and i do as symbiotic. I work together with my animals and bees and chooks, they depend on me and I depend on them. We work together.. I envy you your hoop houses though. c

  20. Great post! Thinking about waste, I needed a new pair of reading glasses and the (well-known) Opticians wanted me to get a new pair of frames(free) for the new lenses. Nothing wrong with the old ones, so I asked them to use them. Otherwise they would judt get thrown away…it’s a small example but not the way to live ,,,

  21. I welcome it too! 2012–bring it on! I’m not scared of you.
    P.S. Your greenhouses are my dream. They almost made me cry.

  22. We can only hope that people have a change of consciousness. I highly doubt it will happen in one years time though. People need to be forced into consciousness, more accurately action which brings about change. We are lacking winter weather in January and I really see this as a sign of things to come.

  23. I feel I should be anxious about the year ahead; more because of politics round the world than because of the things you mention in this post – but I feel wonderfully and unaccountably optimistic.

  24. I love this post! Very well written.. BRAVO!!

  25. I hope your prediction for 2012 is right! Sadly I think there are still some people (and corporations) that still have their heads stuck in the sand, but I’m seeing more and more people wanting to eat local, which makes me smile.

  26. Bridget, our family moved out of the city last over a year ago…we now grow a garden of vegetables and herbs. We are much better at planning our meals and eating leftovers. I enjoyed you post.

  27. Thanks for that post Bridget ….Made my evening. I do wish that people will become more aware of the consequences their actions.

  28. A well put together post Bridget – I agree entirely with your point of view.

  29. Reading your first paragraph, I was thinking ‘It’s all about balance’, and then you said more or less the same yourself.
    And where did you get that gorgeous piece of stained glass?!
    Greetings from the other side of the valley(s?)…
    Mary Lynn

  30. An onion is just an onion, right? But I read the small print and they’re grown in Holland. So we stopped eating onions, till the small print reverted to Product of South Africa.

  31. Amen to that!
    Jane x

  32. I really like this. 🙂 Thank you for turning thoughts to the positive changes we can make.

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