A January Day.

In arigna, Gardening on January 14, 2012 at 2:39 pm

The morning sky looks bleak despite the blue. Are those chemtrails or just harmless vapour trails? I wonder!!

The animals are constantly watching the door to see if they have any titbits to recieve. Their faves are Ginger Nut biscuits and Carrots.

Ash trees against a grey sky. Kilronan Mountain in the background.

Early afternoon sees a blue sky giving some hope of sunshine… which alas does not appear.

Through the garden gate an old tree stump has become colonised with Foxgloves. One of my fave native wild flowers. They did’nt have the distress of a hard Winter this year so perhaps they will flower before May.

Aster too is showing strong growth. I will divide this clump in the coming days. Now is the perfect time for this work in this frost free mild (for January) weather.

 By evening the sky is grey and cloudy. Another January day almost at an end. Not too many more until the 1st of February, St. Brigid’s Day, Imbolc the Celtic festival of Earth once again awakening.

As darkness falls we light the fire in the small stove in our sitting room. Candles are lit, a nice meal prepared, watch a bit of telly and a bit of the world wide web. Another January day ends in Arigna.

  1. A perfect winter’s day! I like days that flow like this, simple and joyful.

  2. Perfect day and looking forward to the flowers! c

  3. Arigna and your home look so lovely and inviting. Yours is really a wonderful blog!!!!!

  4. Hi Bridget nice to come back and see that all is peace and light in Arigna. A lovely picture of peace and contentment and things ready to take off. Happiest of New Years to you and thanks for your lovely messaage. X

  5. I think that foxgloves need to experience a period of cold before they flower – stratification

  6. Awwwwwwwwww……..such a poetic and nostalgic piece of writing. I will be looking forward to your writings describing all those celebrations. I have always been fascinated with Celtic culture, so much so that I even thought of moving to Ireland! Don’t ask me the reason for my fascination; I don’t know. I guess it is the moving Irish music that has made me like that.

  7. What a relaxing post. I think I will go get a glass of wine and make a fire.

  8. Its cold here. Finally a taste of winter just as I was getting into Spring mode. Oh well I guess the frost will be good for the garden, slow down some of the plants racing towards Spring. Patience is not one of my strong points though!!!

  9. You know about chemtrails too? My dad talked about them, and I have a friend in California who is almost obsessed. I can’t remember noticing them around here, but then again there aren’t that many people to bother with.

  10. What a wonderful ending to a beautiful day!

  11. From the heat to the cold. It was lovely popping in to see what your January day was like. Here it’s almost entirely the opposite. We did finally have rain though, a whole day of rain. I just loved the sitting room view. It looks so cosy and warm. What a fantastic room. Your animals have great taste by the way. Ginger nuts are my favourite!!

  12. Your red wall is crimson? Ours is a deep Mexican terracotta. Cat by the fire, and dog in the foreground?

  13. We have had really hard frosts here which illuminate the landscape. Although the days are lengthening slightly it still seems as though we spend much of our time in darkness. Roll on spring.

  14. It’s a cold one here today, although this is the mildest January I remember. I love foxgloves too, we don’t have them here.
    Jane x

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