The Old Coal Mine.

In arigna, Off the beaten track. on November 4, 2011 at 11:47 am

After leaving the Famine Grave (previous post) one passes through the old abandoned coal mine works on the way back to the road. The statue of Our Lady is above the now blocked up mine entrance. The men would always stop to say a prayer on their way into the mine. Coal mining finished in Arigna in 1990. There is a Miner’s Museum about a mile from the village where many of the ex-miners found employment as tour guides.

I love exploring these old abandoned places. One can imagine the activity that was carried on here in the not too distant past. How rapidly things can change and deriliction sets in.

Nuts and bolts still sit on the workbench. I wonder if the people that handled these are still living?

Coal from these hills was used to power the power station on the shores of Lough Allen about 7 miles away. That too is now gone.

Strong steel doors built to protect whatever valuables lay within…

now thrown open to the elements…rusted into their open position.

Illegible writing on the concrete roof of the old shed.

A place of work and activity where people once made good livings lies abandoned and derelict. Just a place of interest now to walkers and explorers like ourselves. How quickly things can change.There’s a lesson there I think!

  1. Here are some more images of the location if you are interested. its a shame none of these buildings were preserved.

    The big steel doors belonged to the Explosives shed as it had to be well sealed from the elements.

    • Thanks for info. Love your blog. I agree that something here should have been preserved. Quite a few people visit the Famine Grave here.

  2. A lesson indeed!
    How interesting! You took me back in time.

  3. Great photos. Thank you for visiting my photo blog – Northern Prints –

  4. Very nice post and pictures.

    Textile mills are the relics here in the southeastern US. Large structures of red brick and heart pine, often central to the remains of the dead small town they once supported.

  5. I bet there are a lot of stories to tell in these old places. I like the old steel doors and other interesting features. Exploring is so much fun!

  6. I find it a little sad to wander around derelict places where so many people lived out their daily lives. It makes their labours seem a little unappreciated somehow. Loved your photos and your thoughts.

  7. I love the way you explore and share such fascinating stories. Who knows who will walk in our shoes some day and wonder about our lives. Love those rusty doors!

  8. Change is not always good. Life was hard back then but at least people cared about each other and family and community was important. Now you can walk down the street and be afraid to look a at a person let alone say hello.
    Lovely blog

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