The Wider View. Part 2.

In Gardening, Herbs, sustainable living on August 9, 2011 at 2:38 pm

The gate to the vegetable garden.

First thing to see is this Victoria Plum tree laden with fruit again this year.

Following the path, Blackcurrant bushes on the left, veg beds on the right.

There are 2 polytunnels. The biggest one is 63ft long, the smaller one about 22ft. Among the vegetable beds there is a seat, an essential in any garden. It is one of my fave places to sit and contemplate or just observe the beautiful nature which surrounds us.

At the bottom of the small tunnel and looking back towards the house there are fruit trees, Plum and Apple. These are planted in tyres as the ground here is heavy and wet. Herbs and flowers are planted round the bases of the trees.

More veg beds beside the small polytunnel.

Looking over the fence we can see the house through the Birch  tree. The cottage garden bed is at the other side of the fence.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

  1. Beautiful but I am sure a lot of labour goes into the maintenance of such a garden.

  2. I very much enjoyed the tour. You included the wider view which I always want to see. That is a pretty fancy gate to the veggie garden. Your garden is really large, and beautiful too. I can not imagine taking care of that much. My little tomato and pepper plants is enough for me to water and care for, but I admire your garden a lot.

  3. Wonderful tour. I can’t imagine how you keep up with the gardening. Mine is much smaller and still requires much maintenance, even though I only grow perennials now.

    Thanks for your visit and kind words about my paintings!

  4. A ;lot of space and used so well. Thanks for the tour of the views of your patch of Eden

  5. Love the tour! I especially like the arbor entrance to the garden…wonderful!

  6. Thanks Bridget, I am going to try the Nettle and Comfrey liquid feed. Also, see if I can get some well-rotted manure from my granddaughter’s stables where she keeps her horses. I’m really enjoying your blog. I would love to dig up my whole garden and plant lots more veg and fruit and have chickens or better still have a smallholding…..I can dream….one day!!

  7. Beautiful! I admire the vistas from your garden and the variety of what you’re growing …

  8. With 2 polytunnels, you must be totally self sufficient, lot of hard work, but well done. Everything looks very happy, you certainly have green fingers.

  9. Oh, how beautiful, I could spend all day just wandering!
    Jane x

  10. Wonderful photos of a lovely garden. You have the gift of growing, and I can see you must be very happy here.

  11. You have a wonderful garden. My veggies are very poor this year even though we put well rotted manure on the beds over last winter. what do you use on your beds?

    • Thanks Sue. We use farmyard manure from our donkey and goats. Produce is also fed with Comfrey and Nettle liquid feed, and of course our own compost.

  12. Lovely garden Bridget you must work really hard at it. Well done.

  13. Beautiful, Bridget. Absolutely beautiful grounds and gardens and veggies you’ve got growing all around you. Thanks for sharing all this natural beauty and goodness with us.

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