Friday Fotos from Prospect Cottage.

In Gardening on August 5, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    Sweet Alyssum, planted at the front of the border. It is a good one for self-seeding, I love free plants. A  small plant with a big scent. Bees love it.

Malva moschata or Musk Mallow grows to about 3ft and flowers from June to August. It is easily grown from seed. It will tolerate some shade and likes a moist soil. A perennial, apparently all parts of the plant are edible.

The Rose in the top corner of the polytunnel continues to bloom.

I spy a little doggie through the Cornflowers.

 This Polygonum, don’t know the species, has small pink flowers but lots of them. Like all of this family it is invasive but not as much as it’s much feared relative Japenese Knotweed. In this neglected corner it can be left to it’s own devices.

Interesting fungus taking over this old tree stump,

and Badger and Mole keep guard by the garden gate.

  1. I too love sweet Allysum – I love the smell, the way the bees congregate around it and how easily it fills “gaps” in my beds without taking over!

  2. I like Sweet Alyssum too. That is a beautiful rose.

  3. Aaa Bridget you are a loving gardener, everything is just thriving!

  4. Lovely flowers. Don’t even mention Japanese knotweed – I have PTSD from years of battles with it in Maine 🙂

  5. Hi Bridget! I love your flowers! I planted Cornflowers for the very first time in my garden. In Russia, they are considered as weeds! I love such weeds! I have blue and pink varieties. Alyssum is precious!

  6. Beautiful flowers. I love alyssum too!

  7. Love your blog, the little doggie is so cute and what beautiful flowers! Thanks for checking out my blog as well! Have a great weekend! Happy Gardening! Mindy

  8. As ever, lovely photos of your garden – could you do some longer shots so I see the sort of layout you have?

  9. I love cornflowers!
    Jane x

  10. Bridget that malva moschata of yours is beautifully simple. I have to buy some next year. Didn’t know malva thrive in moist soil. The dog is growing very happy and nice, isn’t he?

  11. Bridget, I would love to come for a visit but this is almost as good. Lovely pictures today!

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