Elephants in Drumshanbo!!

In Animals on July 5, 2012 at 6:17 pm

Imagine my shock as I drove through Drumshanbo, our nearest town, yesterday, when my eye was caught by some large animals in the Market Yard. As I screeched to a halt…I realised I was’nt wandering in some crazy dream. There were 5 elephants to be seen!

Yes! You’ve guessed it…a Circus had come to town for 2 days. Now I’m not a big fan of Zoos or Circuses but these Elephants were beautiful.

One could’nt help but stop and admire their beauty. Gaze into that little eye within such a huge body and wonder…are they happy…are they well treated?

They drew quite a crowd. People were stopping, looking, rushing home for the children, taking pics or rushing to get their cameras. The Elephants seemed to enjoy the attention and they put a smile on everyone’s face. I did wonder about the safety issues but who am I to spoil the fun.

What big feet they’ve got!

That poo would be great for the garden!

Some people got close enough to feed them. The shops did ok as all the kids were running off to get Apples and Bananas for the Elephants. So there you have it…the day the Elephants came to Drumshanbo. I won’t be attending the Circus but I did enjoy getting so close to these beautiful creatures.

  1. RE: poo
    No kidding, with the last two traveling circuses that came to town I smelled the elephants before I knew the circus was setting up. (The arena is 2 blocks up the river from my office and the elephants were contained in a portable “corral” in a parking lot.) Fresh EP has quite an aroma eh

  2. They are such fabulous animals. What a world with live in, inhabited with such unusual and varied creatures. How lucky to get so up close and personal.

  3. Elephants are incredible creatures and how amazing to get so close to them. I don’t like circuses with animals. I don’t like anything where animals perform, swimming with dolphins anything like that but there are some great zoos out there doing a lot of important conservation work. In an ideal world we wouldn’t need zoos but until that happens they offer a great opportunity to teach people about the natural world and conserve species. My niece is looking to train as a zoo keeper and is so passionate about animals. She recently spent the day at a great zoo and her enthusiasm is a joy to see. It made me smile when I read your post, you really must have had to do a double take when you came upon the elephants.

  4. magnificent creatures! i adore them! i won’t be a bummer and voice my opinion on elephants in circuses, but will merely agree with how wonderful of a creature they are! xxx

  5. I love elephants. I saw them for real in Thailand (at an elephant santuary – awful that some people treat these animals cruelly). I was amazed that they have hairs on their skin like humans, i.e. not fur. just a few.

  6. one of the thrills of my life was seeing a pregnant elephant at the New Orleans Zoo. There is such a majesty and wisdom about these creatures. I would love the chance to rest my head on one and listen to her heart beating. i think the beating would be that of the Great Mother.

  7. Hi Bridget! Hi hate circuses, they too often have badly treated animals but these elephants seem very healthy, right? Beautiful sight you had!
    And yes, I always think of my garden when I see big poos ‘spoiled’ and left there… 🙂

  8. We also saw these elephants on Wednesday and they were standing so still I actually thought they weren’t real ! They looked so sad in their eyes. How on earth they transported them I don’t know. We actually commented about sneaking back later and releasing them ( but didn’t !)

  9. I feel the same when it comes to both zoos and especially circuses and the animals that they either keep or train to ‘perform.’ I have a always loved and had an affinity for elephants. They have such beauty and are so incredibly sensitive and soulful. I’d have loved to have been up close to such beautiful creatures, but, like you, the circus thing is definitely not for me. Beautiful photos you’ve taken of them, too. Thanks for sharing them with us, Bridget.

  10. what is it about elephants that is so captivating? They are such wonderous creatures!

  11. I disagree with the whole animal circus act, I don’t buy it for a second that those animals can be treated well. Even if the owners/trainers mean well, the living conditions are awful when you think what their environment is supposed to be like in the wild. It’s a good experience to come up to one that close though (and not in a zoo which fences keeping you out), thanks for sharing.

  12. Oh, they are lovely! 🙂 Such graceful elegance.

  13. Great pictures! You got super close. They are beautiful.

  14. We have Zoo Poo over here in the US at some good garden centers. It is well composted though. Do you have the same?

  15. I didn’t realise there were still travelling circuses with elephants. Makes me feel rather sad.

    • Makes me sad too, but while the law of the land allows it there is little can be done. These animals did look well cared for at least.

  16. When I was a teenager in Dublin there was always a yearly circus in Booterstown. My friend’s Mum lived in Booterstown and she used to go when the circus was finished and collect all the elephant dung for her garden!!! She had an amazing garden!!!! (She was also married to the artist Brian Bourke, but that is another story!!! 🙂 )

  17. Well….I will never look at elephants in the same way again !

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