Even the Rainbows are low…

In arigna, Garden, Ireland on July 3, 2012 at 8:39 am

After having had pretty good weather in March, April and May it seems that June was the wettest since 1860. I do think that the south of the country had it worse though. Every time I rang my Mother it seemed to be raining heavily there, yes, we have had rain too, but it’s only the last 2 weeks that have been monsoon like. That’s climate change I suppose, some places getting less rain while we get more. If it continues in this vein more growing will have to be done indoors in polytunnels, in Ireland anyway. The overcast skies are quiet depressing and heavy. A rare patch of blue sky yesterday evening had me rushing out with the camera to capture it!

It darkened again almost immmediately and this rainbow which bridged Corry and Sliabh an Iariann appeared. Not the usual high arch to this one. Very squat and low lying. Have’nt seen one this low before. Even the rainbows are affected by the low cloud!! Does’nt the countryside look beautifully fresh and lush though…one benefit of all that rain.

In the garden flowers are doing surprisingly well. I don’t like this dark leaved Lysmachia, actually I thought I’d removed all of it, but I have to admit it makes a good pairing with this peachy pink Lupin. Maybe it’s saved itself!

Lady’s Mantle and Catmint, two plants I really like, they look good together. I have to admit I’m a trial and error gardener. I bung everything in, cottage garden style, if it really does’nt work I’ll just move plants in the dormant season. I know some people swear by plans and charts but not for me. Lots of self seeders are left to prosper too. I don’t have the heart to remove them.

The wild Dog Rose is almost finished now…

each fallen petal leaving a temporary love message for all to see.

  1. my daughter was back in Ireland for the past two weeks and says the rain has been relentless this visit! It HAS made your flowers and countryside beautiful, though!

    I got a chuckle out of your description of gardening “cottage style,” as yesterday I told someone I never plan which should go where, I just jam plants and seedlings in and then pull them out if they don;t look right a season or so later….to which she replied, “Cottage style?” hahaha….yeah something like that!

    Great garden update, Bridget, and in the interest of time, I’ll comment on your recent elephant sighting here, too—I was amazed at how close they came to the crowd and with nary a barrier! The owners and trainers must have supreme confidence in their control over them!!

    oh and one other thing…I just realized I’m not following you….I was sure I’d done so ages ago, but something might have happened and it didn’t go through. Taking care of that right now!

  2. Looks like the rain has done everything some good…but I do hope it lets up soon. Too much isn’t good either! LOVE the tiny heart petal. So sweet!

  3. Love the photo of the rainbow! Yes, the good thing about the incessant (heavy) rain is that everything that survives it is green and lush.

  4. Love that rainbow. Such a blessing. I can’t recall the last time I saw one live myself.


  5. It’s just as well that there have been some developments in the growing world, ie poly tunnels!!! Can you imagine what rain like that would do to your crops if you were living on them with no way of buying anything? Our ancestors sure had it hard! It rained like this during the late middle ages as well, while we were going through a mini-ice age. It lasted around 300-400 years, going through cycles of cold and wet weather. Countries which hadn’t developed newer systems of agriculture suffered…as the did the countless thousands who lived on the land. We are luckier than they are, that’s for sure.
    But, as you say, look at how beautiful and green the land is and how beautiful your flowers are! And nature’s message of love tells you that all is well in your garden…no matter how it appears!

  6. Yes, I have a very similar attitude to planting – see what works … and what doesn’t. And I have the same alchemilla/nepeta combo – looks great I think. I also delay cutting all the hedges until the dog roses are over. I haven’t the heart to cut them off in their prime. D

  7. We are having a heat wave in the western prairie states and the east coast of the US.
    People are miserable. Those without power are really having a hard time. They are around Washington DC area.
    Your blog is wonderful.

  8. Lady’s Mantle and Catmint really do make a pretty pairing in the garden

  9. Nice to see a photo of some blue sky – was beginning to forget what it looked like!

  10. Does that mean the pot of gold is shrinking too? 🙂
    Lovely photo’s!

  11. Wow! I’m jealous of all your rain! It’s dry, dry, dry here and I’m nervous for fireworks tomorrow. I know some dummy is going to start a fire in the foothills.

  12. Cool rainbow against those (momentary) blue skies! ha ha … I garden the same way that you do ….works out well! We’re getting a few minutes of sun right now!! 🙂

  13. Wild roses are aiming high this summer – unlike your rainbow.

  14. I just love that last line and picture…”each fallen petal leaving a temporary love message for all to see.”

  15. I love the rainbow ….. and that everything is so lush and green. Forty shades of green maybe?

  16. That certainly is the flattest rainbow I’ve seen… maybe it’s being weighed down by all the rain! The Lady’s Mantle and Catmint is sooo pretty!

  17. The rose petal is a beautiful touch and made me smile. I’m really starting to lose my sense of humour now regarding the rain. Teeming down as I write. Spoke to a man at the allotment the other day who records rainfall for the village. Apparently in the first 15 days of the month we’d had 26% of the annual rainfall. He’s been recording rainfall for years now and has never known anything like it. May have to done full waterproofs just so I can pick the strawberries.

  18. Love the thought that that the dog rose’s petals are leaving a love message! Catmint is one of my best plants as well. Over here, lots of gardeners are lamenting the fact that they have no honeybees. My carmint is loaded with honeybees and bumblebees–so much so that I ahve to trim it back after dark to avoid disturbing them. Perhaps they are just not planting the right things to attract the bees. I wonder?

  19. Your gardens looking good. I agree that the dark leaved plant looks good with the peachy Lupin.

  20. That’s my gardening technique too. Seems to mimic the way nature does things.
    Jane x

  21. the rainbow appears as a dome of blessing over the land.

  22. Have never seen a rainbow like that either.

  23. That rainbow does look like it is sulking, but the growth and colour in your garden is lovely. The rose petal is lovely too.

  24. That’s my style of gardening too, I think if you have too many plans and expectations they will only lead to disappointment! Your wild roses are quite a it bigger than ours and I love the picture of the petal. ❤

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