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In nature, Off the beaten track., sustainable living on July 1, 2012 at 12:25 pm

July 1st is here and walking on the lane with the dogs this morning it almost had an Autumn feel. All the rain has kept everything lush and green. But then that’s what people love Ireland for…the forty shades of green.  I’ve never met anyone who came here for the good weather.

The lane is a 3 mile long cul-de-sac. We live about 2 miles along. There are lots of other houses on the lane so it’s not as isolated as it would initially seem.

Berries have already set on the Hawthorn, adding to the Autumnal feel. In his book Food for free, Richard Mabey, says : “When fully ripe they taste a little like avacado pear. They make a moderate jelly, but being a dry fruit need long simmering with a few crab apples to bring out all the juices and provide the necessary pectin. Otherwise the jelly will be sticky or rubbery. It is a good accompaniment to cream cheese.”

I think this arrangement of Ferns, Hawthorn, Moss and Foxgloves looks lovely. Nature does it better than any garden designer. A passing Sheep has made a contribution to the scene. Diarmiud Gavin eat your heart out! No multi-coloured monstrosities needed here!

Maybe the wool was from this Mama who thinks she is invisible as she sits quitely in the long grass.

“Hey Mama, I think they can see you.”

Foxgloves are playing a blinder this year…so many of them. Gorgeous!

Lettie likes to drink from the puddles on the lane. In their water bowls in the house we always add Citricidal, which is good for eliminating internal parasites. Given the choice she always goes for the pure unadulterated rain water.


  1. What a nice walk! Thanks for the lovely pictures.

  2. Love the foxglove! I need to get some of those; maybe they’d help hold up my Shasta daisies. Are they hardy and firm, or does wind knock them over easily?

  3. You live in a place that is good for the soul! I love the wildflowers and the sheep. All the shades of green create a peaceful atmosphere, and who could want for more?

  4. 40 shades of green is right it’s BEAUTIFUL there!!

  5. Wow, you’re right about the foxgloves – just amazing.


  6. A lovely wander down the lane. And yes nature is the best at garden design – no competition there!

  7. Great sheep – the ones around here were given very short haircuts a few weeks ago and now look very grumpy as it’s been stormy weather ever since!

  8. I enjoyed that amble down your lane. Thanks.

  9. Our dog prefers canal water, complete with film of greasy diesel. Lovely post.

  10. Lovely pics of a lovely area. I’ve noticed this year that the foxgloves do seem to be in abundance, I love them. E

  11. thank you for sharing your lane with us. what a love walk we took. The fox glove look gorgeous and I smiled at seeing the sheep.

  12. Thanks for taking us along on your walk! Our cats are just like your Lettie and will drink from puddles, buckets that have collected rainwater or the pond rather than form their own bowl.

  13. Nice to see the area around where you live – enjoyed sharing your walk with you.

  14. All the green is beautiful. I’d like a bit less rain though and despite being July it does feel a little autumnal which is frankly depressing. Loving the sheep photos, very cute.

  15. Lovely walk! Like yours, our land is green with summer rain, which I totally choose over endless heat. Next year I must grow foxglove again… Cute sheep tails!

  16. Lovely post. Your lane reminds me of the boreen I lived on when I was growing up.

  17. Oh how gorgeous–thanks. I feel as if I’ve been on a little vacation! Particularly since it’s sunny, humid and over 90 degrees (F) here!


  18. What a wonderful way to start your morning…and mine!

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