The stone moving continues @ Prospect Cottage.

In green living, sustainable living on March 22, 2012 at 5:49 pm


The moving of big stones from the back field down to the garden continued today. We have decided to leave the remains of the little house and use the stones which are spread around the area. These must have been from an old wall. Same type of squared off cut stones. They were quite clever in the situating of the house. Down in a hollow sheltered from the prevailing winds. Nowadays the new houses are built without any regard to orientation.


Mr. Muscles aka Andy was home today, he can lift heavier stones than I. I was bringing 2 or 3 stones to the barrowload…


he could bring 5! Showoff!!


Taking a little break to enjoy the Spring sunshine…the dogs enjoy a bit of attention. Oops! A bit of intimate sniffing going on there…


then a bit of playing.


Down in the garden the stone edging looks good. All the boards will have to be gradually replaced as they have been in place for 8 years and are starting to rot. Can you see the hole in the centre of the biggest stone? This stone would have held a metal gatepost in days gone by.



More stones wait to be given a new lease of life in their new garden home. Repurposing is I think the new word for recycling. Reuse, recycle, upcyle, repurpose. Whatever you want to call it is fine with me.

  1. So nice to have this cache of stones for you to reuse. They make such a statement in a garden.

  2. Nice bit of repurposing Bridget… mind your backs lifting those stones!

  3. Okay, those stones are just too beautiful. All the stones around here are “new” and though I love them, they just don’t have the mysterious ambience that stones from “the old country” have.
    Pea Green with envy!

  4. Great looking stone, especially the mossy ones. Squared up stone to reuse is an excellent resource. I’m hoping if and when we ever move to the country there will at least be a bit of it available, though around here I don’t think they cut old foundation stone much.

  5. Wow. That is some beautiful stone you have to repurpose. I’m a tad bit jealous.

    I don’t know if you saw the post The Stone Zealot on my blog at There is some inspiring stone work there done by Casey and Nate Lynch.

    You also might be interested in looking at The Special Additions Landscaping site to see more of Casey and Nate’s work.



  6. The stones are beautiful and it’s nice to see you’re putting them to such good use.

  7. What a resource! I shall have to hunt around for a tumbledown stone building too.

  8. You’ve got a good wheelbarrow there and I love the thought of repurposing!

  9. I would put my hands on the stones and feel their energy. I bet you’ve done that. There are stories imbedded in there.

  10. Looking very smart – and you won’t have any problems with rotting with these stones 🙂

  11. The stone is beautiful and will be even more so when you have plants growing around them!

  12. Wow, I love your site. It is going to be great following along with you and your stone moving. The stories that they, the stones, could tell you. Their history and all about Prospect Cottage. ~Franny

  13. Re-using stone from derelict properties has been going on for centuries hasn’t it – hard on the old back though – but worth it after seeing the results.

  14. Good man, Andy..! But you did a fare job yourself yesterday,Bridget. Yes I see the hole in the stone.
    Looks like ye had good dry weather to do the job Bridget!
    Well done you 2 !

  15. So nice to have found you. I am looking forward to watching a new year unfold in your garden!

  16. It’s nice that the stones have a new lease of life, and nice to have some muscles to lift them!
    Jane x

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