Musings from a smallholding at Spring Equinox.

In Garden, sustainable living on March 20, 2012 at 7:57 pm

As the temperatures rise I like to have a fruit breakfast. I find it hard to eat cold food in the Winter but once Spring comes I change from my tea and toast or porridge to smoothies. May not have one every day but certainly a couple a week.

This morning I had a Banana and Avacado smoothie made with soya milk and a little honey for a bit of extra sweet. I did’nt use all those Bananas…just two. To make:  just put the peeled fruit in the blender. cover with soya milk and whizz. A couple of seconds and it’s done.

Forgot to say I also add Spirulina, hence the green colour. Spiriluna is a microscopic fresh water plant packed with goodness. It contains antioxidants, trace elements and all the essential amino acids. It is available in powdered form from good health food stores. I use half a teaspoon in a pint of smoothie.  That gives me energy for about 6 hours.

After my power breakfast I was ready for some hard work. This old residence in our back field has some lovely cut stone. All the old cottages would have been built from stone. This was inhabitated up to 60 years ago. Hard to believe isn’t it! These lovely stones are ideal for making raised beds. I can carry about 3 in the wheelbarrow…2 if they’re very big. Andy can carry more but he was away today. Thought I’d show off while he was out!


After some lighter garden work, pricking out seedlings and training Tayberries my thoughts once again turned to food. What to have for dinner? We still have a few Squashes left so I decided to use one of them to make a soup. These have been stored in the spare room over winter and are still perfectly sound. Last Summer was’nt  great for Pumpkins as it was cold and wet. Only the indoor ones produced anything. That fine Butternut in front was the only one from 5 plants. Don’t know what the grey skinned one is called, I saved seed from a Pumpkin we had in Bulgaria. Over there they grow to 3 times that size.


As you can see they are still perfectly sound. The skin does become very hard so a good sharp knife is needed to peel. Together with Carrots and Lentils this will make a delicious soup for our evening meal.

Hope you had a good Spring Equinox day!



  1. i do the same thing once spring arrives – have smoothies for breakfast. I had ground seeds to mine and sometimes some brown rice powder. yum. It’s a great way to start the day, but, as you say, not so much in winter.

  2. Bridget I cannot express my level of jealously regarding those stones.

  3. Hope this summer is a better one for squashes, I’m trying them for the first time this year. That soup sounds gorgeous.

  4. You really me smile! I imagine you running on and off with loaded wheelbarrows to burn that strong and delicious breakfast! I’ve never mixed bananas with avocados, should try it!

    Those stones are amazing I wish I had some of them too… Maybe if you have some more spirulina you can carry some stones over to Italy? 🙂

  5. Nice stones-

    Since I’m too far to help, I suggest you build your own mini shed as pictured in “A Poetree Walk” pt II


  6. The stones will certainly make attractive and useful raised beds, lovely to see them put to some use again!

  7. Your smoothie sounds delicious – I should think it is very healthy. You sound like you have been working hard – don’t overdo it!

  8. From the smoothie to the stones to the squash – beautiful!

  9. That smoothie looks delish! Our pumpkins/winter squash were a flop last year…but summer squash was OK.
    Jane x

  10. Bridget, that smoothie looks appetizing! great for lugging those stones around.
    Your squashes look really healthy. I was going to try butternut squash this year, but not got round to it yet.
    Good work, Bridget!

  11. Spirolina sounds good, I’ll get some from the health food store. Those stones look so wonderfully rugged .. your raised garden beds must be beautiful. Soups sounds delicious ..

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