On a Saturday in March @ Prospect Cottage.

In Uncategorized on March 24, 2012 at 7:11 pm

Over breakfast we were looking through the Argos catalogue. Freddie found it a bit boring so he had a little snooze.

After brekkie Andy was checking the exhaust on the car as it  had come loose. Freddie exploited the situation to have a nice comfortable seat. I took the pic through the sitting-room window.

The afternoon saw Andy cutting rushes in the back field. We usually strim them but on this occasion we borrowed this machine from our neighbours, it is fairly old but a very efficient machine. It has all sorts of attachments for ploughing, making drills etc. Our main interest was cutting the rushes using the finger bar mower type attachment. It is quicker than the strimmer and cuts clloser to the ground. When we bought this place almost 10 years ago the rushes had’nt been cut for years and were about 5 ft tall. We cut them each year and they are slowly getting weaker.

My main job for the day was pricking out seedlings. These are Rosssa de Trento lettuce, a loose leaf Italian variety.

More lettuces, a Bulgarian cos type and Cabbages were also pricked out. It’s amazing how long this job takes but it very satisfing. Non gardeners would’nt understand but all the gardeners out there I’m sure will.

Flat Leaf Parsley will have to wait until tomorrow…

and all the while we are watched over by The Wise One.

  1. We had a few rushes pop up in our front lawn after we finished building work(finished lol!)we cut them down last week.This week we improved the duck and pond area and i thought the pondside lacked something-rushes!now see rushes everywhere except on my land,the ones i saw and need are perfect and perfectly protected behind big electric fences!sods law!lovely post bridget and Freddie-what a character.

  2. I have always wondered what are rushes? Sounds like hard work getting rid of them?

  3. I just finished collecting seed from my lettuce and planting th e Spring/Summer lettuce

    yours seedlings look very healthy…!
    the WiseOne is such a beautiful one….

    Thanks for sharing….

    Take Care…

  4. Fantastic Freddie! Your seedlings look great – pricking out is time consuming but I find it strangely relaxing as it’s not a job that can be rushed.

  5. That naughty dog finding a comfy seat!! How sweet.. I love your wise one.. c

  6. Thinking the same as Jane!

  7. oh you’re seedlings are doing so well. The wise one blesses and approves.

  8. Look at those beautiful seedlings!

  9. Great work and your seedlings are looking really healthy. I am so jealous,Bridget 😉
    I find that transplanting is very soothing!

  10. Lovely pics, that little Freddie is a sweetie .. lots and lots of lettuce .. quite the job to thin them out. I haven’t started my seeds yet .. maybe next week …I don’t know what a strim or a strimmer is, so I’ll have to look up these words.

  11. Looks like you are going to have plenty of lettuce and parsley Bridget – I find transplanting quite a tedious job – but as long as I do it a bit at a time I’m alright.

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