The Herb Garden.

In Gardening, Off the beaten track. on June 21, 2011 at 12:52 pm

The Herb Garden is a new venture opening tomorrow in the Bush Craft Yard in Carrick-on-Shannon. Owner John Gaffey already has a small gift shop called The Crafty Cave in this lovely little courtyard. He is now extending beyond the paved area to open this new enterprise.

The main emphasis will be on herbs but John also does hanging baskets, window boxes, trees, flowers and vegetable transplants. Many of the plants are grown in his greenhouse in Mohill. In these days of trying to reduce air miles this has to be an added bonus for this venture.

John’s ingenuity is aptly demonstrated by this mini polytunnel which he made from some discarded piping and plastic plus some wood for the base. Is’nt it fab!

Love this arrangement of Oats growing around a Birch tree.

Less talking lads, work to be done!

So there it is, local person, local business, locally grown plants, very reasonable prices too. Go along and check it out if you are in Carrick-on-Shannon. Beside the Bush Hotel, which was the first hotel in Ireland to be awarded the EU Flower Eco-Label in recognition of its commitment to sustainable tourism and protection of the local environment.

  1. I love your blog, very interesting – I will visit often.

  2. Lovely! I think the poly tunnel is amazing.

  3. sounds like a good venture for all,
    I feel for you in your previous post we had a struggle here when our local council wanted to put giant wind turbines across the moor on Lewis, it was found there was an EU protection on the moor as a unique enviroment, wish you luck,
    happy solstice, Frances

  4. lovely… I adore herb gardens.

  5. That’s brilliant news! John’s a lovely fellow and whenever we’re in Carrick I always stop in there and pick up some incense (at amazing prices and fantastic selection). The Bush Craft Yard is a brilliant little gem of a cove. It reminds me of some of the nooks and crannies in Glastonbury – lots of unusual, unique, fun, lovely, artsy shops and cafes. Also in the Bush Craft Yard is Willie’s very excellent Inkspot Book shop and Sandra’s beautiful ‘Very Small Gallery.’ What would make it absolutely perfect would be a small cafe.

    Well done and congratulations to John and everyone at the Bush Craft Yard – one of my favourite places to check out in Carrick. Next time we’re out that way (hopefully, the Teapot Market will be back, up and running again soon), we’ll most definitely be there to wish John lots of great success with The Herb Garden.

    Happy Summer Solstice, everyone.

  6. Fabulous, and it looks beautiful too. It is so very important to support local green businesses, wish him luck !
    Jane x

  7. I love the last photo of the little circular garden…if I was in Ireland I would come visit! 🙂

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