Flowering in June @ Prospect Cottage.

In arigna, Gardening on June 18, 2011 at 1:03 pm

In the hedgerow at the moment this little plant is in flower. I don’t have a clue what it is! Anyone know? It is a really bright yellow , my eye is always drawn to it.

In the small polytunnel the Antirrhinum or Snapdragon as it is commonly known has self seeded profusely. As a child I used to love pressing on the “jaws” of the flower to make them open and close their “mouths”. Was’nt I easily pleased! Antirrhinums are really perennials even though most garden books refer to them as half hardy annuals. They even withstood the -17c temperature we had here this past Winter! They come in a multitude of colours and like a sunny position.

This Honeysuckle was grown from a cutting and grown on in a pot for several years. It is the common hedgerow variety. Last year I planted it in the cavity of a decaying tree stump which it seems to love. It put on a huge amount of growth, maybe it is getting extra nourishment from the decaying wood. The scent is heavenly.

The Carnations have started flowering in the last week despite the lack of sun. These were a birthday present from my Mother some years ago. They propogate easily from cuttings taken in July and I now have several plantings of them about the garden. The have a sweet subtle scent.

This little Dianthus was grown from seed in Spring 2010, it did’nt flower until now. The wait was worth it.

And to finish yet another of the Dianthus family. A brilliant red, it is called Flashing Light. I can see why!

  1. I am in love with the honeysuckle stump! So beautiful. I have some logs that I just may dig a hole in and plant up. Somehow I always end up adding snap dragons to the garden and I love the surprising places they pop up in. Beautiful flowers. The yellow one reminded me at first of what we call Butter n’ Eggs here in the northeastern US but I think meadow vetch is accurate.

  2. I love the beautiful vibrant coloured flowers in your garden.

  3. Dear Bridget, Your garden is lovely! I also enjoyed reading about your visit to Birr Castle. You live in a beautiful part of Ireland! P. x

  4. I agree, I think It looks like Meadow Vetchling ‘Lathyrus pratensis’. Leaves in pairs with a tendril coming from their centre and likes damp ground?

  5. i have been beaten to it also thougt Meadow Vetching if has tendrils def meadow vetching

  6. Good morning Bridget! Your yellow flower might be Meadow Vetchling.

  7. You are not alone, I used to make the snapdragons snap too! We ordered dianthus this morning, I hope the wild animals will leave them alone. The yellow plant looks like a plant we have here called Birdsfoot Trefoil.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Jane x

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