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A walk to Doon.

In arigna, Folklore, Off the beaten track. on August 15, 2011 at 8:58 am

When we come out our back door and look right we are looking at Corry Mountain. On Saturday last I went with the newly formed Arigna Field Club almost to the top of the Mountain. Our destination was Doon, a Promontory Fort, high on the side of Corry.

The climbers were rewarded with panaromic views of the beautiful Arigna Valley,


and a talk on the history of the place by Sean Daly. Doon is mentioned in the Annals of the  Four Masters which is a chronicle of Medieval Irish history dating from the deluge, dated as 2,242 after the Creation to AD1616.

Its position made it an excellent fortification against enemies. There are extensive remains of the ramparts. Tradition has it that Doon Fort was the headquarters of the legendary Tuatha De Danann. It is believed that most of the Fairy and Leprechaun stories of Ireland originated from the Tuatha De Danann from Doon.

The waterfall which has a 200ft drop adds to the magical feel of the place.

On the way down we saw this beautiful Dragonfly, or is it a Fairy in disguise?

The mist rolled in from the north as we descended, adding to the magical feel of the place. To finish the whole group had tea and biscuits in a neighbours house. A lovely finish to a fab outing.

Birr Castle Gardens.

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Yesterday was my Mother’s 75th birthday and rather than visiting her at home where she would be cooking and catering for us, we all met up and went to Birr Castle Gardens. It was a two hour drive for us and one hour for her. On arrival we had lunch and then spent a few hours in the garden.

The castle itself is still lived in by the Parsons family who have lived here since 1620. It is not open to the public except for occasional events throughout the year.

There is a fabulous Paeony collection, every shade of pink, plus white and of course the familiar cottage garden favourite, dark red. These ones had a lovely light scent.

These box hedges are over 300 years old and according to the Guinness Book of Records they are the tallest in the world.

My favourite part of the garden is the Victorian Fernery, especially the waterfall.Heading to the walled garden. Lovely golden weeping Beech on the left, never saw one of those before.

Water Lilies just breaking into flower in the stream beneath the bridge.

Part 2 tomorrow.