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Fave Pics from Summer 2011.

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Took this pic at Serpent’s Rock on the Sligo coast. There are several acres of limestone covered in fossils here, a fascinating spot. I think this one looks like a person wearing a headress.

In May we went to see Freda Kahlo’s paintings at the Museum of Modern Art in Kilmainham, Dublin. Nearby is the beautiful walled garden.

Early June saw a rare event this Summer, blue sky and sun. This pic was taken in our back field. There are a hundred young Ash trees planted here.

Ganesh, remover of obstacles, arrived around Summer Solstice time. A present from our friends Debra and Paul who live in Clare.

The end of June saw a new resident, Freddie, the new puppy. He is now happily ensconsed here and fits in well with our other 2 dogs. He will be a year old next month.

Nasturtiums, regardless of weather, they never fail to produce their jewel like flowers which of course are edible and elevate the appearance of a salad.

Driving back from Sligo I always like to stop by Lough Meelagh where this beautiful folly never ceases to fascinate. It was once part of the Kilronan estate.

Birr Castle Gardens. Part 2.

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Birr Castle has in it’s grounds The Great Telescope which was constructed here in the 1840s by the third Earl of Rosse. For over 70 years this was the world’s largest telescope. It was through this instrument that the Earl discovered the Whirlpool Nebula in the 1840s.

This arched Hornbeam walkway is within the walled garden.

This stone head gazes out from the grotto built over the Cuileann Tobar, the well of the Holly.

Formal box hedging surround 300 year old urns from Bavaria.

Herbaceous border in the walled garden.

This path lined with formal box hedging and topiary leads to the now sadly underused glasshouse. To left and right by the glasshouse are herbaceous borders. These glasshouses would once have been hives of activity propogating plants and seeds brought back from the plant expeditions abroad.

To finish, another beautiful Paeony Rose.

A Visit to Strokestown Park Gardens.

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Yesterday was a windy, blustery day here in Roscommon. Undeterred by weather we decided to pay a visit to Strokestown Park Walled Garden. As if by magic, the rain kept away while we were there.

Really enjoy walking around the 6 acres of restored Georgian gardens, especially the wilder undergrowth beyond the lake. Love this double flowered vibrant pink Hawthorn. The large bush was covered in blossom which look like miniature roses.

 Nice to see the display of old tools and paraphernalia from a bygone age, replaced now by mechanisation.

The Peach harvest is looking promising, incredibly healthy looking plants.

Grapes looking good too, lots of fruits forming.

An early flowering Honeysuckle which is also scented, perfection!