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The Last Hurrah!

In Gardening on September 17, 2011 at 10:28 am

Rosa Rugosa.

Despite the wind and rain there are lots of flowers in the garden at the moment. It’s like they are putting in a final push before the seasonal race is over for this year. The last hurrah!

Japanese Anemone.

Japanese Anemones give a great splash of colour at this time. They still manage to look graceful despite the weather. The only caution with them is they are so hard to eradicate if you decide you don’t like them in a particular position. I’m talking from experience here!

Yellow Rambling Rose planted earlier in the Summer.

I’m hoping this rambler will be well established next year and will take off to be trained along the banister on this verandah.


The Phlox is very late flowering this year. I think it got tired of waiting for sunshine.


Anyone know the name of this one?


Coneflower or to give it it’s proper name Rudbeckia is a great Autumn standby. I really like it’s dark centre.

Devil's-bit Scabious.

¬†On the laneway this lovely stand of Devil’s-bit Scabious¬† lifts my heart each time I walk by it. I will be collecting seeds of this later on for a small wildflower area we hope to do next year. That’s the gardener’s life for ya, always thinking and planning ahead.