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The Search for the Sacred Well. part 2.

In Ireland, nature on April 17, 2012 at 7:22 am

As the weeds and brambles were removed the old stone that surrounds the well was revealed…

and our  excitement and sense of  achievement was invigorating. Loads of baby frogs in the water here…now they can stretch their legs and swim.

As the well was revealed John was moved to recite a poem….

The men showed off by trying to move this large stone into it’s previous position. They had partial success! On another day we will return with wellies to rescue the old stone that has fallen into the well.

Being in this seldom visited spot makes me wonder…who were the last people to use this well…when last the last bucket of drinking water taken from here…did people come from far and wide to seek healing here? How long since these beautiful stone walls were built in this sacred place?

According to John’s research the well water here was reputed to be a cure for stress. How fitting in these times that we should seek it out and rejuvenate it.

Oblivious to all else a small child builds a fairy house from moss and twigs…topped by a white feather.

Reluctantly we realise that evening is creeping in…and we must return through the forest…

past the skeleton of a long dead tree…

to where the Bluebells grow.

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A Poetree Walk. (part 1).

In Ireland, Off the beaten track. on March 12, 2012 at 6:56 pm

No, I have’nt made a mistake, I did mean poetree! So, what is a Poetree Walk? A Poetree Walk is a shared walk in a woodland that combines tree appreciation with the reading of poetry, self-penned or otherwise.  The idea was concieved by Edward Durand, a poet from Sligo and John Willmott, a maker and keeper of Laybrinth Gardens. Check John’s work on . The walks will take place on Sundays from March until the end of October in woodlands throughout Ireland. Check it out on . So, yesterday saw us in the Cavan Burren, 200 acres of woodland, megalithic tombs and Bronze and Iron Age archaeological remains. A special and beautiful place.

Sitting on a mossy carpet above the Fairy portal Susie recites her touching poem about a fabulous tree she knew which has since been destroyed by humans.

An offering is made to the wee folk at the Fairy Cairn…

and another beautiful poem is shared with all.

Bee Smith captivated all with her poems and knowledge. Bee is an amazing woman… originally from America… she has a vast knowledge on Fairy folklore and Celtic spirituality. If you are visiting Ireland do check out her website . Bee can take you to the special places,  away from the well beaten tourist treks.

As we walked on we came to an area where the forest has been cut down. Could they not have left this one tree by this huge glacial rock? It seems not!

The last inhabitants left here 50 years ago…an end to thousands of years of habitation in this area.

This magnificient stone makes up one side of a little shelter. There is enough room for a few people to sit inside.

Join me for part 2 tomorrow.

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