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In Animals on April 19, 2012 at 3:55 pm

It has been a sad few days for us here in Arigna. Earlier in the week our lovely black collie Alice slept his last sleep and said goodbye to us. He (yes, he, a man called Alice) had been with us since January 1997 when we got him as a 4 month old puppy.

Dogs are such great companions, ours are always with us when we are working around the place. As humans it is our nature to become attached so it is so difficult when the shorter life span of dogs and other animals takes them from us. But that is the way of it and so we must cope and carry on.

 I love this pic, the last one taken of the 3 of them, sitting together in the Spring sunshine on April 4 th.  There is a flower bed out the back near the chalet where Alice liked to sit… despite my attempts to get him not to. We buried him there and maybe in another life another place we shall meet again.

Each day it gets a little easier but it is still very fresh and our hearts are heavy and full of sadness…and I wonder how the Sun can shine when our hearts feel so bruised.

But life goes on…and veggies grow…

and flowers bloom.

A New Puppy.

In Animals, arigna on June 30, 2011 at 3:04 pm

Meet Freddie, our new doggie. He arrived on Tuesday. Gerry, the local farrier(someone who shoes horses and sees to their feet) asked us if we would like a little Jack Russell X  puppy.

Gerry had rescued Freddie’s Mother Minnie from an abusive situation and some time later she gave birth to one puppy.

As Gerry already has several dogs he was looking for a home for this little fellar. He also did’nt want Mother and Son to breed together. As you can see he made himself at home straight away.

It’s so tiring being this cute!

Welcome to Arigna Freddie!