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Weird and wonderful.

In Off the beaten track. on July 21, 2011 at 4:16 pm

Travelling around Ireland one sees many strange and wonderful things. This sign on the road between Dowra and¬†Blacklion is for me very odd. It is meant to depict a dead Yellow Bittern. Someone did a drawing of a bird then turned it upside down! It just does’nt work for me. The story behind it is that a couple of hundred years ago Cathal went for a walk by nearby Lough Mc Nean on a very frosty morning, trapped in the ice was a dead Yellow Bittern which moved him to write a poem on the experience.

This Pine Tree blew over in a storm last year and has been in this position ever since. It is still alive and growing! Seen near Sligo. Wonderful!

This cross is in a garden I recently visited. The owner saw a similar cross in Armenia, liked the design, did a sketch of it then made it on his return home. When he dies it will mark his burial place.¬† Weird or wonderful? I’m not sure if it’s either!

This object is in the same garden as the cross. I find it rather menacing. Weird!

Fossil on a rocky beach in north Sligo. It looks like a headress to me. There’s also a face if you look closely. Wonderful!

Finally a sight this is now very rare in Ireland. A water pump. At one time these were a common sight in all parts of the country. A few up and downs of the handle and fresh spring water was yours. Sadly this one is missing a handle so it is only an ornament.