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Gifts from here and there…

In Garden, green living on March 29, 2012 at 4:27 pm

Gifts come in many ways.  From friends, family, husband or wife or even people you “know” through their blogs. One such gift was the Very Inspiring Blogger Award given recently by Kevin over at . Thanks Kevin, I do appreciate your kind words and the award. Kevin’s blog is often about gardening but not exclusively. Always entertaining though! To accept the award I must nominate other blogs to also receive the award. I always feel weird about doing this as each blog is that person’s effort…I do not wish to name individual blogs on this occasion. If I follow your blog that means I like it… so to every blog I follow do take the award and pass it on. Maybe someone who has a blog needs a lift or a bit of appreciation…nominate them and make their day.

Another condition is to reveal 7 random facts about oneself.

1. I love wool but it irritates my skin so I can’t wear it.

2. I have a strong sense of justice.

3. I don’t like people who lie…it is an insult to anyone’s intelligence.

4. My most recent discovery about myself is that I have ADD (attention deficit disorder).

5. I hated school.

6. I believe in Angels.

7. One of my fave meals is basmati rice topped with a good helping of mung bean dhal. Delicious!

Another unexpected gift came my way yesterday…this lovely little Japenese hoe. Isn’t it lovely?  I spent a few hours helping a friend in the garden and admired this lovely tool. Her reply was “I’m left handed so I can’t use it. Would you like it?” Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I accepted the gift gratefully.

When visiting another friend last week I was offered a bunch of rooted Willow cuttings. I’m sure I can find homes for them in the hedgerows. Might even make a fedge with them. They will take off instantly at this time of year… decisions…decisions!

I love their bright yellow colour. It only comes on new growth though so they would have to be cut back each year to get this. A fedge is looking more likely!

The garden has started showering us with gifts too, not that it ever stopped! Rhubarb has shot up and is ready for picking. Crumble on the menu soon!

Rhubarb is a great crop in any garden. It requires very little attention apart from a mulch of manure each Winter. It can be used for jams, chutneys, crumbles and even cakes. Even if you don’t like it as a food the leaves contain oxalic acid and make a great natural pest repellant.

Finally a gift from nature…this beautiful Arum Lily…Arum maculatum…spotted in the woodland whilst walking on Sunday. Isn’t it fab!! There are many common names for this plant, cuckoopint, lords and ladies, willy lily and parsons lillycock to name but a few. In the Autumn it has poisonous red/orangey berries.

Even the weather has been generous this week. The weather has been beautiful! Sunny and dry all week. Life is good! I am thankful.

An ABC of Me!!

In Uncategorized on March 2, 2012 at 5:14 pm

Recently Jimmy over at Fluffytufts awarded my blog the Awesome Blog Content Award. Of course I was delighted, it’s always nice to get a little reward, someone saying”I like what you do.” Many thanks Jimmy, I graciously accept. Go over and check out Jimmy and co’s lovely blog at .

The rules of accepting the award are to share something about yourself  using the letters of the alphabet. Do I have 26 things to share about myself? Let’s see!!

A: Andy, my lovely husband. We have been together 18 years and married for 3 years.

B: Bulgaria, a country I really like. We bought a house there 8 years ago.

C: Curly, like my hair. I really like curry too…and cake!

D: Dogs, my fave animal. We have 3.

E: Environmentally friendly: How we try to live our lives.

F: Frost, hate driving in this.

G: Green, one of my fave colours. It is said Ireland has 40 shades of it!

H: Hummus, one of my fave foods!

I: Ireland, where I was born and live. Best little country on the planet despite the current problems!

J: Judge, something I TRY not to do to others hopefully they will do the same unto me.

K: Karma. Something I believe in. What goes round comes round!!

L: Late. I must stop staying up so late.

M: Markets, I love going to them.

N: Natural…is always best.

O: Okra, probably the only vegetable I dislike.

P: Peas, a vegetable I love.

Q: Quiet. As in Peace and Quiet, I love it.

R: Red, a colour I like but would never wear.

S: Silence. To be cherished…sometimes!

T: Treehugger.

U: UFO. I really want to see one!

V: Velvet, love it! Vegetarian for 11 years. That’s cheating…2 for V!

W: Walking, something I do every day…well, almost every day.

X: Xmas! I really hate Christmas spelt this way but could’nt think of anything else beginning with X.

Y: Yikes, I’m really stuck now!

Z: Zebra, I love how they look.

The second condition is to nominate other bloggers for the award, as many as you wish. There’s so many great blogs out there and more to keep on discovering.

I mention just a few of my faves here: