As July progresses…

In Garden, sustainable living on July 19, 2012 at 6:41 pm

everything is looking lush and green and fresh …a definite benefit of all that rain. The fedge we planted back in April has really taken off. Actually all the trees and shrubs have put on lots of growth this year. The weather has’nt been too bad the last couple of days. Grey and overcast still but not so much rain.

  The Mrs Perry apple tree planted almost 4 years ago has produced fruit for the first time. About 15 apples…looking forward to trying them. They are a dual purpose fruit.

At Mrs Perry’s feet Feverfew is in flower. A few leaves eaten every day is said to give relief from migrane. Thankfully I don’t get migranes… I do like it’s little daisy flowers though. It self seeds like mad. The purple leaved plant is Orach…a stray from the compost I think. It is edible and adds colour, if not much flavour, to salads.

By the garden gate Phygelius is in flower. One of my fave shrubs…commonly called Cape Fuschia…it is easily propogated by rooted suckers.

Here’s another one in the long border. There’s also a creamy coloured one which has just finished flowering. I shall be propogating more of these to spread around.

Fuschia is also in flower at the moment. I just love this little shrub which grows wild around here. It is another plant that is easy to propogate from cuttings.

In the hedgerows the Bramble is showing lots of flowers…a good Blackberry harvest looks likely. I just love Blackberries…combined with Granny Smith Apples to make the most delicious jam…lovely in tarts too. The joys of Autumn yet to come.

Don’t know what Freddie could smell as we came back from our walk. He stood like this for several minutes just sniffing the air…eyes closed. Cute!

  1. It is difficult to grow fuchsias in Johannesburg they do ok on sheltered porches, the frost is not good for them here on the highveld. Jam sounds yummy, I love your dog’s intense concentration, it must have been a smell in the air that caught his attention.

  2. Beautiful!!! I cannot wait until I have my own garden here where I can plant flowers!!! And blackberries??? I used to make blackberry and apple jam every year but alas no blackberries in Luxor!!! And apples cost a fortune! I will grow my own trees here too!!!
    Enjoy the fine weather when it comes!!!

  3. I haven’t grown orach this year, like you it add colour but little flavour. I was thinking of growing it in th egarden in a sunny border as I’m sure it will look good in amongst the flowers. I see everything in your garden is looking bright and bushy after all the rain!

  4. Hello Bridget, Your garden looks lush, green and beautiful indeed! I am ready to start blogging again after my break, but thought I would visit a few old friends first. Hope you are well. P. x

  5. love this time of year when all is green and growing!

  6. Your garden is looking lovely Bridget – still plenty of colour around.

  7. The apples are going to be lovely… and Freddie seems a little Foxy fellow! He looks very happy 🙂

  8. We haven’t seen Freddie in a while…he’s a handsome dude!
    Jane x

  9. When I was little I called fuchsias “dancing ladies,” because they reminded me of ballerinas. 🙂

  10. July there looks much different than July HERE! I envy all of your happy green and growing things. What was green is now mostly brown now – drought, high heat, sun.

    • It sure is crazy what’s going on on the planet. It seems like Mother Nature is fighting back after all the abuse which has been showered upon her.

  11. I love fuschia – a definite must when I get my flower garden up and running!

  12. All looking lovely and lush in your garden, Bridget. The first pic of your first fuschia is one we call “Thallus”. I had a cutting once but it seems to have disappeared. Freddie looks really happy sniffing with eyes closed.

  13. Haven’t met Phygelius. Would be indigenous for me. Thanks for suggesting a new plant to seek out!

  14. We told Mom to come look at all the pretty pictures you posted. She said she loves all those plants. We’ve had really hot dry weather lately so it’s been hard to keep the plants happy. Mom has made sure that our catnip gets watered, though!

  15. beautiful photos and a beautiful garden…
    we got some rain so mine is perking up again…
    Love the photo of Freddie….he looks very much in the state of bliss!
    Take Care…

  16. In order to prevent Phygelius from becoming too woody or leggy it should be treated as a perennial and divided every three to five years to maintain healthy growth and blooming. Crowded plants discontinue both growth and flowering. Unfortunately most phygelius are treated like shrubs by some landscapers so they don’t flower as readily as they should.

  17. Everything looks so beautiful! And Freddie can come visit me anytime!! 🙂

  18. That Freddie is too cute! Is there a doggie version of catnip, I wonder?

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