The promise of a sunny Summer’s day.

In arigna, Ireland, nature on July 15, 2012 at 6:56 am

Such a beautiful sunny Sunday morning greeted us here in the valley today. Very still and calm, not a leaf was stirring on the trees. Early morning sunshine casting dappled shade. The promise of a good day to come.

Beyond the trees the shrub border looks fresh and green. The early morning dew still on the leaves. In another hour this will be in full sun.

Daphne is out early too, she comes over and looks at me in a sort of puzzled way. Probably wondering what I’m doing… up and out and about so early. Such amazing growth with everything this year. Look how high the grass is in this field.

The Sycamore tree casts it’s shade over the steps to the chalet. The air is still… allowing the signing of the birds to be heard… crisp and clear…and beautiful.

The promise of a Summer’s day.

The gravel garden has taken well. Planted about a year ago everything is now starting to establish and spread. Sedums have done particularly well…I do love them. So easy to propogate and of course they are a real Butterfly magnet when they are in flower.

Lots of Succulents in pots too although some have jumped from the pots onto the ground below. I remember the walk through the bog in Tipperary collecting the Bog Oak for this little corner garden with my brother Tommy. Happy thoughts on a bright Summer morning.

Yes…all is well…everything is still…and calm…and green. We have the promise of a sunny Summer’s day…

  1. Beautiful it is!
    Take Care…

  2. I want a chalet 😉

  3. Just lovely! I think early mornings are my favourite when everything is so quiet and full of promise. Lovely to see Daphne make an appearance too 🙂

  4. That promise came true! A beautiful sunny day! Thanks for sharing this special event in your neck in the woods…so beautiful!

  5. Ahhh…so calming and delightful. 🙂

  6. Beautiful, Bridget. It was lovely here in the UK too yesterday but we spent the best part of the day in a car returning from visiting family. Today is wet. Frustrating when that happens but the end of the week is looking better so I’ll be ready and raring to go by then for a blitz of the garden and allotment.

  7. Did the day continue sunny??
    Jane x

  8. such peace on this sunny day up your way.

  9. We have had a similar Sunday too Bridget – it just makes you feel a whole lot better when the sun is shining doesn’t it.

  10. Awwww…Daphne is so adorable! I love these photos, Bridget. Y’know, as beautiful as Ireland is all year round – yes, even in the colder months and very wet weather we’re known for – when the sun is out, Ireland is just an absolutely glorious treat and delight for all the senses. I don’t mind rain at all, but when it’s sunny and bright, and there’s a lovely breeze and there’s luscious, lush green everywhere the eye can see, to me, that’s pure heaven. Thanks for sharing these photos with us Bridget, and enjoy your glorious sunny Sunday, too.

  11. I love your chalet and your sedum gravel bed. This morning looked like it was going to be a sunny day too, but has now changed again to heavy misty rain 😦

  12. Daphne looks so sweet! Have a lovely Sunday Bridget x

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