In the polytunnels…

In Garden, green living on July 10, 2012 at 10:01 pm

Despite the weather most things are doing well. This is the small polytunnel, the middle bed is planted with Carrots, with Garlic at each end to guard against carrot fly. Some self-seeded plants were also left to add a bit of colour, Borage, Orach and Poppies all came free in the garden compost.

One of the side beds is filled with Strawberry plants. They are almost spent now but this little Alpine Strawberry continues to give masses of small super sweet fruits. Not juicy like the big Strawberries but the flavour makes up for that.  It does’nt send out runners so all it’s energy goes into making fruits.

In the big polytunnel the Grapes are filling out nicely, should be a good crop by August. These are Black Hamburg, a dessert grape.

The first Tomato was ripe today from this hanging basket variety. Oh the smell! Delicious! The essence of Summer for me.

The first Courgette also presented itself today. Later than usual but most welcome. I suppose we will have a glut of them soon enough.

Peaches are starting to blush. Amazing how they are ripening really considering we had very little sunshine in June.

The plants in the little pond at the bottom of the polytunnel are doing well…Flowering Rush and Water Forget me Not planted last year have established nicely. The tadpoles are still there…no sign of them turning into Frogs yet!!

  1. Everything is looking good Bridget – your grapes are a lot further on than mine – I think a bit more warmth would help them along.

  2. I’m with Welly, above, in my desire for a polytunnel! I’m very envious at all your glorious produce, it looks so lush and healthy. And peaches!! Mm-mmmm!

  3. Those peaches look heavenly!

  4. Everything beautiful. How did the tadpoles get inside the polytunnel? That’s a very good idea – to plant garlic and carrot together – to protect against the carrot fly. Thanks for the advice.

  5. Oh I wish I had a polytunnel! I’m lucky at the moment if I get more than two hours before it starts to rain again. So many plants are just rotting now. It’s all a bit demoralising really. Peaches are one of my favourite fruits but they are always such a disappointment in the supermarkets. They’re so hard and never taste sweet. It must be amazing to be able to grow your own.

  6. Wow, your polytunnel is bursting! I am so envious of those strawberries, I used to pick them at the border of the woods, in the mountains, when I was a child, they are delicious!
    Is roach that purple leafed plant I can see there? I have the wild (plain grey) one growing everywhere, do you think it is edible?

  7. Looks very productive and a great place to potter. Love the pond.

  8. Tomatoes! Squee!

  9. It looks like heaven on earth.
    Jane x

  10. Look at all that growth. Oh it brings me joy to see how well things are doing.

  11. Lovely healthy plants there,Bridget. Thank god for tunnels 🙂

  12. Ripe tomatoes! – mine are still at the small and green stage, what’s your secret?

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