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In arigna, Ireland on June 16, 2012 at 3:35 pm

Isn’t this cute? Well, actually I’m not sure if cute is the right word as Ida’s tealeaves are making a pretty disastrous prediction. Hopefully Ida stayed safe and sound in the coop. This lovely print was my prize…drawn from the hat…for commenting on a blog I follow. At, which is a varied and interesting blog,  there is a link to Jane’s online Folksy shop where these prints and cards are for sale. Delighted with my prize…I think a black frame will suit it nicely.

Accompanying my prize was this lovely card also from Jane’s range. So cute! It is sitting in pride of place on our mantelpeice.

No the postman’s not that good! I did send Jane my name and address to receive my gift. Thanks Jane!

Don’t know if a car can be cute but this one certainly tickled my fancy. It was spotted at a garden open day I attended recently. Bought in Germany by the current owner in the 1950s it has been completely restored and is in perfect working order. He and his wife drove it from Germany to Ireland last Summer.

The whole front of the car also doubles as the door. The steering wheel moves with the door to facilitate opening and closing. Amazing!

Dinky steering wheel…

and a rack on the back for one’s suitcase.

To finish here’s a cute pic of Lettie and Freddie on the couch. I know there’s too much light from the window and the crazy pattern on the throw makes for a busy picture. But I like it anyway! Hope you do too!

  1. What an adorable prize! Betty and Ida are so adorable:) I love that car too! Cute as a button!! xxx

  2. Goodness! Can see why you found the car so fascinating, how unusual!

  3. Nice prize! Love the car.

  4. I love the prize congrats. The car is amazing, the owner must have dedicated so much time to restore it and maintain it. To have driven it from Ireland to Germany, it has life in it still! I would love to see it on the road, what an eye catcher 🙂

  5. I especially like the card! About 30 years ago I saw an illustration on a book catalog; it is a drawing of a young parrot (a bit ugly) and stamps from other countries, and underneath says, “An Adventurous Life.” I still have that where I look at it every day. 🙂

  6. Oh, my .. typos in my reply. Sigh. Typing too quickly for a Saturday morning. Time for more tea! 🙂

  7. Oh, that card id priceless!!! congratulations, Bridget! And that car .. it’s just like the done that “Jeaner” (sp?) drives on Heartbeat !!
    And what a sweet sweet pic of Lettie & Freddie on the colourful throw. It would make a great poster!

  8. What a cute little car! And congrats on winning! What a cute prize.

  9. Bridget that is the cutest car ever! It’s Isotta is made on Italian deisgn which inspired the famous Fiat 500 (or Cinquecento) later BMW bought Isotta royalties and kept on producing it. It seems they’ve been inspired by Isotta blueprints to design the BMW Smart fortwo.

  10. A friend of mine used to have a bubble car, as they were called, it was amazing how many people you could squash into it!

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