On a Summer morning.

In nature, sustainable living, vegetable growing on June 11, 2012 at 9:33 am

After a short break when we had lots of much needed rain it seems that Summer is back. Yesterday we had 15 hours of sunshine…unheard of for Ireland. I went out just before 8 this morning to open the polytunnels…already serious heat had built up in there. On the mountain the wind turbines are still. There’s not a breeze of wind to move them. The valley looks so lush at the moment. Grass is plentiful for the animals and they are enjoying the sunshine. I love how the farmers here have left lots of trees. On large intensive farms one often sees all the trees and hedgerows removed to maximise grazing land. Electric fences are used to strip graze the land. This makes for a very boring landscape, no wildlife habitats and of course no shelter for the animals.

The Irises are in full bloom right now…it’s amazing how much these have spread. They were planted only last year. One to watch methinks in case it takes over.

I just love their colour…purple being a fave of mine…and form…the beauty and perfection of Nature. Don’t know the variety of these…the label has long disappeared. On another blog…can’t remember whose…there was a suggestion that rather than sticking the label in the ground by the plant that they were stored in the house or shed. A good idea I think as I can’t remember most of the names…and the labels blow away or disintegrate or the dogs chew them.


The perennial Geraniums have also come into flower. Deadheading regularly will keep these flowering for many weeks.

Foxgloves survived the wind and rain remarkably well. I thought they would be flattened. Plants are a lot more resilient than we give them credit for.

Swiss Chard seems to have become huge overnight. I just noticed this morning that this is ready for harvesting. I really love the leaves with the red ribs. Don’t they look fab…tasty too!

All pics taken this morning around 8am.

  1. What lovely photos!! xxx

  2. I love the vivid irises, they look like ribbons.

  3. My chard seem sto hav eput a good spurt of growth on as well – all that rain seems to have done them good !

  4. some beautiful flowers and view Bridget, I recently posted that I don’t put labels in the ground with the plant any more but keep them in the house and write where the plant is, you left a comment saying you thought it was a good idea, I have some planting plans that have evolved ~ I create them as I plant rather than writing the plan then finding the plants, I bought 5 irises last year but none of mine are doing any where as good as yours, I love blue and purple too, Frances

  5. Those Iris are gorgeous. The color is brilliant.

  6. definitely a beautiful summer morning. thanks for sharing it.

  7. What an amazing place to live Bridget. I love the color of the Irises and the Foxgloves, purple is my faforite to 🙂

  8. My goodness, the purple is so regal! I love it!

  9. Hey Bridget, what’s that other purple flower in with the geraniums? I have it too and don’t know what it is!


  10. A serious gardener friend of mine buries one label with the plant, sticks another in the ground behind the plant, and writes the plant name and location on a card. I have to admit that I do this with my snowdrop collection. Lovely iris.

  11. Oh, 15 hours of sun – sounds like a mad wondrous dream here in Boston as well. I’m with you on the beautiful red ribs of the chard. I think most of the greens are beautiful though so don’t go by me.


  12. when I plant a new area I write on the photo, what is where. The labels end up in a box here, and who knows which plant once thought it was ….

  13. Yes.. brilliant growth now, Bridget….isn’t it grand 🙂
    Forecasters say an average typical summer in Ireland this year…..that’s not too bad so!
    I have been trying to germinate my last year’s Foxgloves..aka..Fairy Thimble Bells., from Kerry last year….they are about I millimeter in height now.!! Very disappointed. but if I am light fingered I might be able to prick them out and pot on soon! I just want to see Tall Fairy Thimble Bells in my garden for my Dad!!!

  14. Ireland seems to be having much better weather than us – the weekend wasn’t bad at all, but the rain has returned with a vengeance – it hasn’t stopped all day – and it is bloomin’ cold! Love your iris they are really beautifully marked.

  15. I love the combination of blues, purples and greens. So Lovely!!! I miss all that beautiful green. Its such a shame that many farmers are changing the landscape like that. Its the same in the UK. Huge swathes of land and not a lot of wildlife!!! Maybe that is why so many buzzards are now coming into the towns and cities to find food!!!

  16. Those Irises are beautiful! Great to see the Foxgloves standing tall after all the rain. Gorgeous blue sky it seems!

  17. Beautiful! Beauty in abundance! Summer in Ireland – particular these past few weeks – is a glorious time of year. Long may it continue on through till August (or later). Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos with us, Bridget.

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