Garden in the rain…

In Garden, Gardening, nature on June 7, 2012 at 1:54 pm

The Poppies had been fully opened for the last few days…today they are closed and hanging low with the weight of the rain. Love their colour…so vibrant.

The leaves of Escallonia are super shiny in the rain. The forecasters say it is to rain all day today and tomorrow then nice again for the weekend. Fingers crossed they’re right.

Usually the Foxgloves are having lots of Bumble Bees visiting…but not today.

Lady’s Mantle is of course well known for how it holds the droplets of water. It also has medicinal use…it is astringent, styptic, tonic and vulnerary. Culpepper says that “It is proper for those wounds that have inflammation, and is effective to stay bleedings, vomitings, and fluxes of all sorts.”

Hostas also hold the water on their leaves. With all the dry weather we’ve had the slugs have’nt had a chance to devour them this year…so far.

The little pond in the big polytunnel is full again. I had to fill it fill it from the tap for the last few weeks as it was almost dry. You can’t see them in the pic but there’s loads of tadpoles in there…did’nt want them dying. Frogs are great for keeping the slug population under control. These seem to be at the tadpole stage for ages. Anyone know how long it takes for them to mature into frogs?

  1. We have the same poppy – an amazing colour.

  2. Great to see you’ve had some rain. Those are lovely rain splashed photos. I would agree with a couple of the other commenters, that it will probably take between 6 to 12 weeks for the tadpoles to take on their new personas. By the by, I’ve nominated you for the ‘Versatile Blogger’ Award. I think the title fits the bill perfectly. Your posts are always fascinating and make great reading.

  3. Hi Bridget, the poppy looks beautiful, I’d like to try oriental poppies too next year! I didn’t understand if the pond is behind the polytunnel or under it, because if it was the latter I’d like to understand why you placed it under the polytunnel… I have no idea how long tadpoles take to become frogs, but I’ve been told that if you then kiss the frog it can turn into a Prince rather instantly, so they shouldn’t take long… 😉

    • The pond is actually in the polytunnel…bottom right hand corner. It is fed from the rain running down the plastic and into the pond. As for kissing frogs…nay…I’ll just wait and see what happens. Various people have suggested between 6-12 weeks for the transition from tadpole to frog.

  4. Surprising anything is surviving. First no water. Then too much. Now winds plus cold rain. To some degree going out to see what’s there is an adventure. In another way . . .

  5. Oh, those poppies are gorgeous!

  6. We’ve also had rain, and then some more! Before that I was watching a female toad in our garden pond, at first I thought she was cooling herself off, but she kept going back at the same time of day so I think she was hoping she might meet a male there, but so far no luck for her…

  7. I love poppies – must grow them once my flower garden is up and running 🙂

  8. 12-16 weeks from tadpole to frog.

  9. Love the little pond. I didn’t know frogs keep the slugs away. Learn something new every day! 🙂

    • I didn’t specifically know this but I hope the ones that appear in my garden (from where I don’t know as neither myself nor my neighbours have a pond) will keep the slugs away from my precious plants.

  10. Love the raindrops on the hostas and flowers, but not on me..LOL! We are told to “Batten down the Hatches” tonight!! We are suppose to get a month’s rain in the next 24 hours…with high winds !

  11. We’re certainly having a lot of different weather. I love the garden after the rain and never tire of how fresh everything smells. Poor poppies!

  12. I want a tiny pond in our greenhouse! With tadpoles!!

  13. The poppy is divine!
    Jane x

  14. Usually 6-9 weeks for them to be frogs. Blessings!

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