I’m back!

In Garden, sustainable living on May 25, 2012 at 9:29 am

Hi folks, I’m back in blogland again after my break. I have’nt been near the computer in 3 weeks. No blog, email, Facebook, Twitter or checking out all the wonderful and inspiring blogs out there. I have to say I enjoyed the break, the world did’nt end and I had no withdrawal symptoms. But hey, I’m back and the weather here in Ireland is fab. Hurrah!!

The Sun has been shining since daybreak. I took these pictures at about 8.30 when I went to open the polytunnel. There’s no going in there later when it gets to 25c. The fields are filled with golden Buttercups right now…beautiful!

So nice to break fast with a few ripe Strawberries already warm from the morning Sun…

and the promise of many more to come.

Everything in the polytunnel is growing at a great rate,  lots of Lettuce for the salads we have everyday. Nasturtiums in flower as are Pot Marigold. Dual purpose plants as they draw in beneficial insects as well as being edible.

The Peach has set lots of fruit…I really must thin them this year. Thinning ensures you get nice big fruits of better quality. Take out any fruits that are touching each other as they will end up squashing and bruising each other. Bob Flowerdew in his Grow your Own, Eat your Own book says ” Peaches over crop as of right, and really must be ruthlessly thinned so that no 2 fruits will touch each other when they’re full size, leave only a sensible number per tree or you will be processing masses of under-ripe squits. Too many exhaust the tree, fail to reach any size or even ripen. Literally decimate them down to the best one in every ten, leave those and they will get huge!” Don’t know if I can be that ruthless…but I’ll try! Bye for now…off to enjoy some sunshine.


  1. Good to have you back! Everything is so green and lovely there!

  2. Glad to have you back…..

  3. Welcome back! Really good to see you posting again! 🙂


  4. Well done for picking up the blogging habit again – I find it easy enough to step away from the computer, particularly when there’s a lot to do in the garden but not so easy to pick up the thread again. Your polytunnel looks just fabulous, I’m very envious! Nice to have you back, and with such lovely views of Ireland. x

  5. Good for you giving up the computer for that long. Bob was so right about thinning fruit ruthlessly. It pays dividends in the long run.

  6. Oh I remember the peach trees in my grandmother’s glasshouse in Graiguenamanagh. We had a beautiful Victorian glass-house where Mick, the gardener, used to grow the trees against the wall and tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries in the main part. As a child I loved walking along the terracotta tiled path, which ran through it, and seeing all the ripening fruit. I found it so magical. Thanks for the memories and glad you had a good holiday!

    • Graiguenamanagh sounds wonderful. It is my dream to have a walled garden with Victorian glasshouse. That one sounds ideal!

  7. Welcome back Bridget! I like your little slope on the first pic, what do you grow in there? Do you keep the peach tree under the tunnel as well? doesn’t it get burned in summer? I am so envious of all the stuff you already have under you polytunnel, it’s amazing to have your food so fresh and so close to home!

    • The slope is my cottage garen bed near the back door. It does’nt have so much colour now as the Spring bulbs have just gone over and the Summer stuff has’nt quite kicked in yet. No, the Peach does’nt get burned. When the weather is hot the doors are kept open so the heat does’nt build up too much. Peaches love the heat anyway.

  8. Beautiful post, I am so glad that you are back!

  9. Nice to hear from you again. Welcome back. Your pollytunnel looks terrific. Eating strawberries already – nice – I really must remember to dig some plants up next year and put them in the greenhouse for an early crop. My lettuce are still small so I won’t be picking for a few weeks yet. Oh to have a pollytunnel must pay for itself over and over again your very lucky.
    Great blogging and enjoy the hot weekend.

  10. Hi Bridget, three weeks away from your computer? Completely? Crumbs – that is impressive. I’ve come over all twitchy at the thought. Dave

  11. Welcome back. In the orchards on our lottie site we have meadows between the trees with wildflowers and ornamental bulbs. At the moment the buttercups are flowering with camassias and alliums. Looks great.

  12. Yay! Welcome back!! You were missed. I envy your time away, though ;-).

  13. That’s good having strawberries so early!

  14. Welcome back. Isn’t this weather amazing? I’m going to have to restructure my days though. I need to get up to the plot before the heat builds, otherwise I’ll get nothing done. I’ve just been looking at my new espalier apple and was wondering whether I would need to thin them or not. Don’t if I can be that ruthless, Wellyman certainly can’t, may have to do it when he’s not looking.

  15. Glad to have you back! Your polytunnel goodies look fabulous.
    Jane x

  16. Hi Bridget – glad you enjoyed your break and happy you are returned refreshed. Your polytunnel is looking great full of the promise of goodies to come.

  17. Welcome back! Enjoy your weather! It’s been nothing but dreary here in the northeastern US. I’d love to say that we could use the rain–but there hasn’t even been rain. Just low clouds and fog and cool. The plants do love it–me, not so much! Give me sunshine anyday!


  18. Welcome back, Bridget. Is it really 3 weeks?! Glad you had a good break and no withdrawals, they can be awful…LOL!
    Your tunnel looks really brimming with growth. I think the heat in the last week was so good for the plants. Down south here in Cork,we only had sun for one day,yesterday, but the heat is still intense.I went out early to do a bit of outside weeding as you would pass out in the tunnels.Nice to have you back and I am looking forward to more posts from you.
    I must get my act together and do one myself, I am an awful procrastinator 😉
    Cheers, Catherine

  19. Welcome back. Boy, growth in the polytunnel exploded while you were gone! Looks wonderful, so lush and so green.

  20. Welcome back, Bridget! You’ve been missed, big time, but it’s good to take a break, too – coming back renewed, re-energised, refreshed.

    Yes, the weather here in the northwest has been glorious these past couple of days. Long may it continue. I actually got a bit of a sunburn after coming back from my daily nature walk. Although I love the rain – the medittive mood it puts me in, especially when working on my crafts or reading, having that natural dose of Vitamin D streaming right into you is just exhilarating and so welcomed.

    So … welcome back, Bridget, and welcome summer and summer sunshine!

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