On Butterflies and garden progress.

In Garden, herbal remedies, sustainable living on April 27, 2012 at 9:52 am


The Peacock Butterflies are out of hibernation now, I saw this one on the lane drinking from a Dandelion. Could’nt get close enough for a better photo, it took several attempts to get this one. It is a bit better if you click on it to enlarge. The favoured place for Peacocks to lay their eggs is on Nettles so if you have a patch of Nettles leave them for the Butterflies. They need to be in a sunny spot though. Do of course have the fresh tops for soup…very nutritious and an old remedy for cleansing the blood in Spring.


In the garden the Raspberries are at last starting to spread. They were planted 2 years ago and have’nt done much up to now. Thigs are looking good for this year…lots of flower buds. Fresh Raspberries…bliss!


In the polytunnel the beds are filling up with transplants. Growth is slow enough as the night’s are still quite cold.


With good planning it is possible to have salad crops all year round. These red Lettuces ready for picking now were planted last August. They don’t make much growth over the Winter as our polytunnel is unheated but once Spring comes they take off again. Having fresh salads is a big priority for us as we eat a lot of salad…in all seasons. I never buy supermarket salads as Lettuce is one of the most sprayed crops grown commmercially. I remember reading once that the average Lettuce is sprayed on average 22 times in it’s short forced-grown life. Washing does not remove these poisons…for that is what they are…and then it is eaten raw.


Pot Marigolds or Calendula are flowering early in the polytunnel. I love their cheery faces. The whole plant is edible but I find the leaves a bit coarse so I only use the petals which look lovely decorating a salad. The petals also make a soothing eyewash and a salve can be made can also be made from them. It is very good for cuts, grazes and rashes.


 A handful of Lettuce leaves and Parsley to make the evening salad…with a nice dressing to accompany it makes a fitting complement to any meal. Topped off of course with a Spring Onion and a scattering of Marigold petals. Art, happiness and Nature’s Bounty on a plate at the end of the day. Perfect!

  1. That butterfly is beautiful. And the lettuce! Yum. I love fresh greens from the garden.

  2. I can’t get enough of raspberries so I leave the runners to do their own thing – I have dug some up and re-planted them elsewhere and after a bit of a slow start they do just fine.

  3. My autumn raspberries have been spreading out all over the place – I keep pulling the runners out as I don’t have much space. I’m wondering now if I should leave them? I thought that the raspberries grew new canes, not put out lots of underground shoots! Sounds like you know better than I, so would love your opinion on this!

    • The Canes grow up from the shoots each year is my understanding. The canes only fruit for one year then you prune them out to let the new ones come on. Actually even if you don’t prune them new ones still come.

  4. We fur people love to read about humans who are growing beautiful things and taking care of the earth. Thank you for reading about our adventures.

  5. After the Charles Dowding course I really want to be more successful growing salads throughout the year and with more variety. It’s good to see the peacocks out. We had some flying around in March when we had that warm spell. Not sure where they’ve gone to recently, with all this cold, wet weather we’ve been having.

  6. That is a brilliant butterfly! Those raspberries are really looking healthy. While we do get packaged raspberries here sometimes, I’m sure they taste nothing like Mother Nature intended!

  7. I didn’t realise that raspberry canes could take that long to produce anything. That would be why the ones I put down last year in the UK still haven’t produced anything. My daughter might have her raspberries one day!
    If I could only grow them here…

  8. Beautiful Admiral butterfly, I have never seen one of those. Your raspberries seem to be coming along nicely now. Yes, growth is slow even in the tunnel, but better than outside.We too have had lettuce all year for sandwiches, nice and crispy! Great info on the use of Marigolds,my seeds are only just barely peeking through now though!
    I am still covering my small toms with fleece every night and they seem to be slowly coming along!

  9. Its all looking great and quite well on with all this weather we are having. I wish I had enough room for a polytunnel but the high winds we have would probably take it away or the local yobs would rip it to pieces.

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