The Search for the Sacred Well. part 2.

In Ireland, nature on April 17, 2012 at 7:22 am

As the weeds and brambles were removed the old stone that surrounds the well was revealed…

and our  excitement and sense of  achievement was invigorating. Loads of baby frogs in the water here…now they can stretch their legs and swim.

As the well was revealed John was moved to recite a poem….

The men showed off by trying to move this large stone into it’s previous position. They had partial success! On another day we will return with wellies to rescue the old stone that has fallen into the well.

Being in this seldom visited spot makes me wonder…who were the last people to use this well…when last the last bucket of drinking water taken from here…did people come from far and wide to seek healing here? How long since these beautiful stone walls were built in this sacred place?

According to John’s research the well water here was reputed to be a cure for stress. How fitting in these times that we should seek it out and rejuvenate it.

Oblivious to all else a small child builds a fairy house from moss and twigs…topped by a white feather.

Reluctantly we realise that evening is creeping in…and we must return through the forest…

past the skeleton of a long dead tree…

to where the Bluebells grow.

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  1. This is really beautiful! I love the sense of wonder at discovering something that was lost and looking back to days of old.

  2. WOW.

    Exploring – hard to stop the spin of the wheel long enough to do it enough.

  3. Beautiful, Bridget. I love that this well will again see the light of day, and so will the frogs! I wouldn’t mind testing it either, to see if it really is a cure for stress! The bluebells in your last shot are simply breathtaking.

  4. Well written and photographed Bridget– I feel I was there. That tree sinking into the ground in the woods is fascinating and eerie. And the water uncovered like treasure. But I may like the fairy house the best. Or the stone wall, or John’s poem…

  5. I love it. There is something magical about water and wells. You all captured a touch of that wonder.


  6. I bet you had goosebumps! The history of places like this leave me feeling a little in awe x

  7. Is there anything better than a wood with bluebells?

  8. John was moved to read a couple of poems – thank you to the video posts – It looked like a wonderful day!


  9. This is all so magical. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog so I could find yours. What a treasure you have here πŸ™‚

  10. Loved these two posts! How amazing to unearth such a treasure. The history associated with it – if only the old stones could talk!

  11. That was exciting! So happy you found the well. We have an old well on our property, we intend to clear it up a bit. No idea if it is a healing well, but I’d like to think so.
    Jane x

  12. Very exciting to have uncovered the lost well. I’d say ye will be rewarded!

  13. Beautiful! I love this story! All you need do now is ‘reactivate’ it!!! We have a tradition at St. Fiachra’s well in Co. Carlow that every year the locals come to the well, clear it and keep it clean and then walk around it in an anti-clockwise direction a number of times while saying the rosary! A lovely rededication to the Divine Feminine. It too is a healing well! Although sadly this tradition is beginning to die too!!

  14. How amazing I hope you manage to uncover this well someday. I wonder what it will reveal – The plot thickens. Sounds just like a magical mystery tour. You can almost imagine the mystery of the woods and the long lost well.

  15. How wonderful. That must have felt like a great achievement! I’m off to listen to the poem now. πŸ™‚

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