Another day begins…

In arigna on April 13, 2012 at 9:36 am


Such a beautiful morning here today. The sunshine got me out of bed early. In the shade things still had a coating of frost. The Foxgloves looked particularly attractive with their frosted leaves.

Fab to see a bright blue sky to start the day. In the background is Corry Mountain.


My Favourite Birch is almost in full leaf now. This part of the house faces west and will be in full sun by afternoon.


The goats were enjoying the morning sun underneath the big Sycamore in the back field.


Enjoying breakfast…they still get extra food in the mornings. The evening feed has been stopped as the grass becomes more plentiful. By next month they won’t need any supplementary feeding as the grass will be abundant by then.


Across the river the smoke rises from this cottage as the stove is lit. Another day begins in the valley.

  1. Great posting. Our start to the day was rain and extremely black clouds.

  2. Blue skies, green grass, and goats. Simply perfect!

  3. Oh, and your blog wouldn’t let me leave my site’s URL for Pam’s English Garden, I had to go through Facebook, so I hope your realized that was me. P. x

    • Don’t know what’s going on with WordPress at the moment. I can’t even comment on some of the blogs I usually visit. They keep changing stuff needlessly. I say if it’s not broken don’t fix it. Sorry about that Pam.

  4. Dear Bridget, You live in such a beautiful part of the world!
    In response to your comment on my last posting, I do agree with you about adding artificial fertilizer which I have never done because I garden organically. Espome makes an organic 10-10-10, or I may mix my own using soybean meal, bone meal, and greensand. Thank you for your great comments on my blog. P. x

  5. to rise in the morning and notice beauty all around is to be truly blessed.

  6. Another lovely, peaceful post.

  7. Love that grouping of trees in your second photo, Bridget. And I can almost smell the woodsmoke from here. Dave

  8. What beautiful scenery to wake up to in the morning,Bridget!

  9. What a peaceful start to any day!
    Jane x

  10. It looked like a very peaceful morning – enjoy your weekend

  11. Beautiful! It’s so beautiful where you live, Bridget. Will you adopt me so I can live with you there, LOL! Seriously though, I agree with Inkspeare (love your log-on name, by the way) – it is heavenly just looking at all that beautiful land, all the sunshine, the trees, the mountains, the goats enjoying their lives. Thanks for sharing, and have a beautiful weekend in the beautiful place you call home.

  12. It is heavenly.

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