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Friday Fotos from Prospect Cottage.

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Daffodils about to bloom…these should be in flower for St. Patrick’s Day.


Lots of growth on Summer flowering plants in the background.


Tete a tete still in flower. Poached Egg plant, in front, survived the mild Winter.


Hot chocolate in Sligo…did’nt realise the “large” would be quite this big! We managed it though!


First Peach blossoms in the polytunnel. I will hand pollinate these when all the blooms are out. Not enough insects yet to do the job.


The first forage…picking Wild Garlic in Lough Key Forest Park.


Made Wild Garlic and Parsley pesto. Delicious with pasta and home-grown salad.


Planting Foxgloves with local school children. The teacher told me the old local name for Foxgloves is Fairy Fingers.

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March many weathers!

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Today was a real crazy weather day. We had everything… beautiful sunshine, gale force winds, hail, snow and rain!

Check that out! Ten minutes later it was melted away by brilliant sunshine! Today gave truth to the saying “March many weathers.”


Despite the weather I managed to continue with my Moon planting. Today was a fruit day, in this category are all those plants which have their seeds within the fruit. I planted, in modules, Broad Beans, Peas and Sugar snap Peas. All the seed trays are in this contraption in the polytunnel. It is an old metal bunk bed which is covered in plastic. It works fine even though there is no heat mat. I think plants are tougher when brought on without extra heat. I do sow Tomatoes and Peppers in a small propogator though, then harden them off when they’re potted on.


These sowings are doing fine in the cocooned environment under the plastic. Three types of Lettuce, Cabbage, Flat Parsley and Curly parsley from earlier seed scatterings.


I did’nt stay out too long today, just enough to plant the seeds and walk the dogs. It was a short walk today! As evening approached there was hail again and out of it emerged a rainbow. I stepped out the front door to take the pic, then quickly in again. Yes, March many weathers!

On Spring work and planting by the Moon.

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Everything is greening up again, the dull tones of Winter are slowly being replaced by fresh greenery. Trees are about to burst forth and change the tone of the landscape from Winter hibernation to Spring exuberance. We are 600 ft above sea level here in the valley so it will come a little later here. Anticipation!

As evening falls after a lovely sunny day it is cold. The Met Office say it will be frosty tonight.

Working outdoors is such a joy on days like today. I spent the afternoon bringing farmyard manure from the pile which has been rotting down nicely for over a year, into the polytunnel and digging it into the beds. We don’t dig very deeply here, the daub can be as much as only 6 inches below the topsoil. Deep digging would just be bringing up daub which just dries into really hard lumps, like stone. After being brought up on good Tipperary land I got a bit of a shock the first day I stuck a spade into heavy, wet Roscommon soil! Outdoors we have a large mulched area which is never dug, just mulched each year when the soil warms up. There are also raised beds which are topped up with garden compost or manure every year.

Through the Birch trees, though darkness has not yet fallen the waxing Moon is visible. Full Moon is on Wednesday so the coming days are busy with planting. Sowing and planting by the Moon is an old tradition from when people had more of an awareness of the planets and their affect on humans, animal and plant  life. It is adhered to by people who practise Bio Dynamic gardening. We do not use BD systems here as they are not compatible with a vegetarian lifestyle but we do use Moon planting. The days leading up to full Moon are when leaf crops are planted. Tomorrow I shall plant Spinach, Rocket and Lettuce. Wednesday is a fruit day. This is when plants that bear their seeds within the fruits. Tomatoes, Peas, Beans, Cucumber and Squashes come within this realm. After full Moon is the time to plant root crops, Carrots, Parsnips, Beetroot and Potatoes belong to those days. I have noticed on previous years that seeds sown according to this system do seem to germinate quicker. It is also said that they are less susceptible to disease. For us it is a good way to break up the work at this time. With so much to be planted it gives a bit of direction on what to plant on given days. So for the next few days its busy, busy, busy!

An ABC of Me!!

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Recently Jimmy over at Fluffytufts awarded my blog the Awesome Blog Content Award. Of course I was delighted, it’s always nice to get a little reward, someone saying”I like what you do.” Many thanks Jimmy, I graciously accept. Go over and check out Jimmy and co’s lovely blog at .

The rules of accepting the award are to share something about yourself  using the letters of the alphabet. Do I have 26 things to share about myself? Let’s see!!

A: Andy, my lovely husband. We have been together 18 years and married for 3 years.

B: Bulgaria, a country I really like. We bought a house there 8 years ago.

C: Curly, like my hair. I really like curry too…and cake!

D: Dogs, my fave animal. We have 3.

E: Environmentally friendly: How we try to live our lives.

F: Frost, hate driving in this.

G: Green, one of my fave colours. It is said Ireland has 40 shades of it!

H: Hummus, one of my fave foods!

I: Ireland, where I was born and live. Best little country on the planet despite the current problems!

J: Judge, something I TRY not to do to others hopefully they will do the same unto me.

K: Karma. Something I believe in. What goes round comes round!!

L: Late. I must stop staying up so late.

M: Markets, I love going to them.

N: Natural…is always best.

O: Okra, probably the only vegetable I dislike.

P: Peas, a vegetable I love.

Q: Quiet. As in Peace and Quiet, I love it.

R: Red, a colour I like but would never wear.

S: Silence. To be cherished…sometimes!

T: Treehugger.

U: UFO. I really want to see one!

V: Velvet, love it! Vegetarian for 11 years. That’s cheating…2 for V!

W: Walking, something I do every day…well, almost every day.

X: Xmas! I really hate Christmas spelt this way but could’nt think of anything else beginning with X.

Y: Yikes, I’m really stuck now!

Z: Zebra, I love how they look.

The second condition is to nominate other bloggers for the award, as many as you wish. There’s so many great blogs out there and more to keep on discovering.

I mention just a few of my faves here: