Friday Fotos from Prospect Cottage.

In Gardening, green living on March 9, 2012 at 7:22 pm


Daffodils about to bloom…these should be in flower for St. Patrick’s Day.


Lots of growth on Summer flowering plants in the background.


Tete a tete still in flower. Poached Egg plant, in front, survived the mild Winter.


Hot chocolate in Sligo…did’nt realise the “large” would be quite this big! We managed it though!


First Peach blossoms in the polytunnel. I will hand pollinate these when all the blooms are out. Not enough insects yet to do the job.


The first forage…picking Wild Garlic in Lough Key Forest Park.


Made Wild Garlic and Parsley pesto. Delicious with pasta and home-grown salad.


Planting Foxgloves with local school children. The teacher told me the old local name for Foxgloves is Fairy Fingers.

Click on pics to enlarge.

  1. I LOVE wild garlic pesto – made it for the first time last year!!

  2. Fairy fingers. I’d never heard this. The wild garlic looks lovely. As does that hot chocolate!!

  3. Dear Bridget, Fairy Fingers is such a perfect name for foxgloves! Hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day. P. x

  4. ‘Fairy Fingers’ seems a bit gruesome!

  5. A Spring arriving and great coffee. Life is good!
    xo L

  6. Hmmm wild garlic, ours is Tulbaghia which I can use like garlic chives in salad.

  7. I like the pictures. Nice to see daffodils budding – ours are now in full bloom here in Maryland. That wild galic and parsley pesto looks awesome!

  8. Your peach blossom is beautiful! All your pictures are wonderful. I have some foxglove but have not been using it what do you use yours for?

  9. Are your Narcissus the variety St. Patrick’s Day ? We have some and they are always out for March 17th no matter what the weather. Lovely variety.

    • Can’t remember the name but it’s not St. Patrick’s Day…I would have remembered that. I’m not a great one for remember Latin names or varieties of plants.

  10. Lovely to see the Peach blossom and the Daffodil buds. I just love that common name for Foxglove. ‘Fairy Fingers’ certainly suits. Your wild garlic and parsley pesto sounds delicious. I know I’d enjoy the dish you created with it.

  11. oh thank you for the lovely pics. My fingers are itching to get outside in the dirt. another month for us here.

  12. My daffs are just coming in to bud – I guess they will open up whilst we are on holiday – hope they last till we get back.

  13. Foxgloves and fairies seem to always go together… we used to call them fairy caps! The peach blossom is really pretty.

  14. That peach blossom is so beautiful. Wild garlic already!There are some woods near us with wild garlic but we’ve been so busy recently we haven’t been up there for a walk. Might try to get up there on Sunday.

  15. Where the snow has melted right up against one side of the house I can see one inch daffodil shoots…. I’m getting excited. We have wild leeks (ramps) on our wild garlic similar?
    Jane x

    • Ramsons is another name for Wild Garlic so it might be the same. This is just individual leaves though, no leek like stem. Same family anyway. We use it in soups, salads and of course pesto.

  16. Lovely green/bright/springy photos! Today our Bradford Pears (ornamentals) are absolutely alive with honeybees – what a sound they make! After rain yesterday, the pastures are bright green.

  17. Costa coffee, Caffè Nero always had a slight edge of Costa for me regardless, now you have me craving! Too bad I don’t see us making it back to that side of the Atlantic anytime soon; we were thinking about September but then the house ate the holiday funds.

  18. So much green…is lovely and uplifting.

  19. First of all I remember my Dad always called foxgloves…Fairy Thimble Bells!!
    Isn’t it wonderful to see all the spring bulbs and flowers showing their blooms!
    Looks like you had a nice day, Bridget!

  20. Beautiful flowers and wild garlic! I bet the pasta was amazing!! It’s still brown, grey and snowy here. Looking forward to spring. 🙂

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