March many weathers!

In Gardening, green living on March 7, 2012 at 6:12 pm


Today was a real crazy weather day. We had everything… beautiful sunshine, gale force winds, hail, snow and rain!

Check that out! Ten minutes later it was melted away by brilliant sunshine! Today gave truth to the saying “March many weathers.”


Despite the weather I managed to continue with my Moon planting. Today was a fruit day, in this category are all those plants which have their seeds within the fruit. I planted, in modules, Broad Beans, Peas and Sugar snap Peas. All the seed trays are in this contraption in the polytunnel. It is an old metal bunk bed which is covered in plastic. It works fine even though there is no heat mat. I think plants are tougher when brought on without extra heat. I do sow Tomatoes and Peppers in a small propogator though, then harden them off when they’re potted on.


These sowings are doing fine in the cocooned environment under the plastic. Three types of Lettuce, Cabbage, Flat Parsley and Curly parsley from earlier seed scatterings.


I did’nt stay out too long today, just enough to plant the seeds and walk the dogs. It was a short walk today! As evening approached there was hail again and out of it emerged a rainbow. I stepped out the front door to take the pic, then quickly in again. Yes, March many weathers!

  1. Oh! Look at that greenhouse. I’m in love.
    So excited for you! And a big thank you for the comments on my blog, Bridget. Even my husband knows your name.

  2. was the 7th Wednesday as your weather sounds the same as ours last Wednesday, horizontal at times too, I was wondering why you had a four poster in the poly tunnel, great recycling idea, Frances

  3. Bridget your pictures are beautiful! Love the rainbow and I love seeing all the beautiful food and plants growing on your homestead! We used to have wild garlic all around our property when we lived in Maryland and I so miss it! Your Irish country side touches my Irish soul when I view your images you have captured over there…..I think I told you my Paternal Grandmother was Irish she was a “Robinson”…..take care and Happy Saturday dear virtual friend! Oh and thanks for linking up to The Ole’ Saturday Homesteading Trading Post!

  4. Awesome “adaptive reuse” of the iron beds

  5. Love your polytunnel setup! Those seedlings look really happy.

  6. Oh that bunk bed planting shelf reminds me of my bed-spring cucumber trellis. (Works like crazy and adds that special something (!) to the vegetable garden design.) Your plant sprouts all look ready for spring. We are having the merry-go-round weather too but it can’t go on forever, at least not the snow part!

  7. Crazy weather. It felt very cold here yesterday and we had lots more rain, no hail fortunately. We had a bad hail storm last summer that caused a lot of damage in the garden. It tore through my hosta leaves and they remained like that for the rest of the summer. I’m loving the bed, at first I thought it was an art installation!!!!

  8. We had crazy weather yesterday too, but no hail or snow thank fully! You’ve reminded me I have some rainbow photos on my camera, must go and check if they are any good…

  9. March many weather must be a phenomena there because I never heard of it here in the US. Can you please tell why pepper and tomatoes need heat propagator? This is the first time I am growing them from seed and don’t have much experience. So, I am wondering. Thanks.

    • They are a bit more sensitive to cold, they are after all not natural Irish plants, they come from hotter climates. So, it all depends on your climate. If you don’t have a propogator you could bring them on on a warm windowsill indoors.

  10. Hi Bridget, weather here was similar, except we missed the snow .. yippee! The rainbow pic is lovely. Your plantings look wonderful . .I haven’t started yet!

  11. I need to share your bed “contraption” with my husband. Very clever!

  12. Yep, it’s been crazy here in Sligo too. I tried to go out walking not once, but twice today, but soon had to turn back, as it turned torrential for about 10 minutes, then the sun came out, then overcast, then rain and back to hailstones again, and back once more to lovely sunshine that even had real warmth in it. Mental weather. Makes me wonder about something as ominous as HAARP and weather manipulation and modification, though.

  13. TS Eliot was living in England, I believe, when he wrote the The Waste Land. The first line, in part, reads, “April is the cruellest month…” I’ve always maintained that Eliot got it wrong–March is definitely the cruelest month with all the wild weather. We have had just the same here!

  14. It has been very similar weather here Bridget – can’t make its mind up what to do. You have found a good use for the bunk beds – very clever. Everything seems to be growing to plan – you are way ahead of me, hopefully there’s still plenty of time.

  15. I agree, Bridget. At least we didn’t get the snow down here. I love your “bunk bed” shelving, great idea. I too prefer not to use too much extra heat. I just cover them at night with sheets of bubble wrap.
    All I did today was go look at seeds in tunnel and run the dog around the perimeter of the garden and my nose was frozen after that!
    Good luck with the moon planting,

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