As February Ends…all is well.

In Gardening, sustainable living on February 28, 2012 at 11:03 pm

As February comes to a close the frog orgy in the pond has finished and there is lots of spawn as a result. That’s a huge mass of it at top near where Freddie is. This pond was dug out only 2 years ago so it’s nice that Nature has accepted our efforts. Last year there were frogs too but not as many as this year. In the polytunnel the tiny pond there also has frog spawn. I think the frogs hibernated at the bottom of it over Winter. It’s great to have frogs in the polytunnel as they eat lots of slugs.

This amorous couple were by the back door a few days ago. I almost stepped on them as I went out. They were quiet a way from the pond so I gathered them up and deposited them there. Apparently frogs always come back to the spot where they spawned from so once established one should always have a merry band of slug devourers!

Today was a perfect day for working in the garden. It was a dry, calm, very still day. I spent the afternoon tidying up the long border. It took about 4 hours but I’m glad it’s done.

As I worked the only sound was birdsong and an occasional tinkle from the wind chimes.

My favourite Daffodil, the little Tete a Tete, has just started flowering. It has a beautiful subtle scent. Oh Spring, you are so welcome.

As evening approached we realised that Lettie would need a wash. She had found some badger poo and had a good ol roll in it. I love badgers but their poo stinks. I don’t understand why but Lettie loves to get that scent on herself. Our 2 male dogs never do this. Andy filled the mop bucket with nice tepid water and in she went.

Lettie hates water so she was’nt too impressed. The expression says it all!

If looks could kill! She is happily ensconsed on her fave seat tonight, clean, but not “talking” to either of us!

  1. Poor Leetie, why can’t they learn cause and effect our dogs? I have been spared the rolling thing with ours but I had a retriever that like nothing better than a good roll. I think once they get a taste for it, or maybe a smell for it, they are unstoppable. Mine of course, run along the sides of golf courses hoovering rabbit poo… I am not sure if that isn’t worse!

  2. I think having a pond is wonderful. I intend to build one myself but haven’t got around to doing it. Yet, I miss not having one. They are such wonderful places not only because of all the good natural pesticides they attract but because they can be so peaceful. By the way, your dog is so cute…I think I could get her together with my Charlie and I’m sure they would roll in something’s poo together and have a ball…and then they could cry together when getting clean…Charlie also fits in a mop bucket 😉

  3. I can’t stand it when dogs roll in stuff which makes them smell … well worse than usual. Thanks for sharing the “if looks could kill” photos 😀

  4. I’m a Frog fan. I just really like them. I’m lucky that I live in the tropics and I just adore tree frog with their long legs and little sucker feet.

    Every garden should have a pond with frogs!

  5. Max sends condolences to Lettie.

  6. Lettie knows that you love her, even with the long face while being de-stinkified, LOL. I wish I could do the same for one of my stinky but adorable and loveable cats, but I know I’d be scratched to within an inch of my life if I ever got him anywhere near some soapy water,

    I love springtime. I love the feeling of renewal and regeneration. Seeing the daffs just makes my heart sing when I step outside to hang the laundry out or when I’m out walking, now that the weather is so perfect for an extended country walk. I love seeing the frogs doing their – ahem – ‘happy dance’ too. And all the birds are singing happily and loudly, which also just has me grinning from ear to ear. Although my favourite time of year is autumn, when things are getting quiet and reflecting on the year gone by as we head into winter, springtime just makes me feel the most alive.

    Thanks for sharing this very uplifing post, Bridget, complete with some great (and adorable) photos. Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

  7. Love the frogs. I can’t recall the last time I saw frogs around here in Boston. I remember always finding them about as a child down south. You made me remember and miss them. I’ll have to go scouting!


  8. Nice pond….

    I have begun to dig and grade an amphibian pond out of my own. Did you install a liner of any sort or is it “naturally” holding enough water to function properly?

    • We have heavy clay soil here with an underlayer of daub which Andy used to line the pond with. It works fine. So basically it depends on your soil. If it’s sandy soil you would definitely need a liner.

      • Thanks- I have heavy clay as well, how close it is to the surface depends on the area of my yard. We actually have kaolin mined nearby- ultra fine, like used with pottery. (I have foolishly tried to cross an old pit on a mountain bike after rain).

  9. My daffodils came up last week, i was concerned we wouldn’t be cold enough in Texas for them to set
    I have enjoyed wandering this evening and i will surely be back
    I like your writing…

    Take Care….

  10. Aw, what a sweet pup! Is that a kittie in the first picture, too? Daffodils blooming–it must be spring! Great photos!

  11. It does look like you had a peaceful day! Love the daffodils! They are so cheerful!

  12. Ohh…the frogs are so cute. I can’t believe you already have the daffodils up! I need to get some wind chimes. They are comforting. And your dog taking a bath was adorable! Made me smile.

  13. Poor Lettie, she doesn’t look happy. We had a dog that always managed to find some poo AFTER a bath!!! and she hated a bath!
    I envy your daffodils are up, mine are in hiding, well maybe one is trying to flower in the snow/rain.

  14. Your dogs are so cute getting a wash in the bucket…aw-ww. Lots does seem to be happening in the garden…spring is early this year. I hear the frogs in the pond down by the footpath in the woods. They are early, too.

  15. I can understand Lettie as my Casper also does not like shower. I think Lettie is a jack russell, right? Casper is a mix of Jack Russel and Beagle

  16. Awww, poor Lettie. I get similar dirty looks from one of our dogs after bath, as if to say “hey, I worked hard on that aroma…now I have to start over!”.

    You’re very lucky to have so many frogs. We built a pond at our last house, but all we attracted were toads! We’re starting to hear more of the Pacific Tree Frogs here though, and it’s been quite loud at night as they call to each other down near the creek, but I very rarely see them in person.

  17. There aren’t any blooming bulbs here — yet — just a random crocus. But I do have a dog, Murphy, that also loves a poo roll. Dogs. Can’t live with, can’t live without them. 🙂

  18. Even your dry days look wet to me. I’m happy about your frogs!

  19. Your time in the long border was well spent it is looking grand – as for dogs and rolling – our old dog once found a dead seal whilst we were on holiday – you can imagine what she smelled like.

  20. I love your frogs! I have seen a toad in our pond, and a frog in the garden… but no spawn :o( I did see a frog on the pavement outside my house a couple of days ago, but unfortunately had just locked myself out so couldn’t kidnap it for my pond!! :o) Still, always a welcome (and slightly surprising!) sight to spot some wildlife on a Hackney pavement!

  21. Ha Ha! It’s the same story with my dogs here! I’ve been told they like rolling on poo because they cover their own smell to disguise like their prey. I like your border and oh you already have daffodils in bloom! I like the thought of gardening in perfect silence with only the tinkling of wind chimes.

  22. I loved this post. It transported me to a sweet country life and peaceful surroundings, to the love of land and the pride of working it, to the happiness that pets bring us, and the love and charm of home sweet home. I enjoy your blog very much.

  23. Oh Lettie is so cute. It is strange though, the smells that dogs are attracted to. Generally seems to be exactly what repulses us. My tete a tetes are flowering too and are one of my favourites. I much prefer the smaller Narcissi, they just look much more delicate in a garden and there foliage is less obtrusive as it dies back. What a great idea to have a pond in the polytunnel with your own supply of slug eaters. I fear the mild winter will make for a bad summer slug wise. I’m hoping for a dry spring like last year, we had hardly any slug problems last year.

  24. Yup, my dog Hobbes used to roll in fox poo when she was younger. I used to dunk her in cattle troughs to get the worse off before getting back in the car. Worse though she once rolled on a dead, putrid, maggoty seagull. Nice. And (sorry – I’ll shut up in a moment) in Norfolk we came across a long-dead beached sperm whale. Hobbes, after sniffing it cautiously, rolled in ecstasy on its massive tail!

  25. Looks like some beautiful countryside out there.
    Are all your goats Toggenburgs? Your milking nanny looks a lot like my Alpine/Nubian…wondering if she was Alpine?

    • Enid is part Toggenburg, that’s the hornless one, as is her daughter Bella. Smokie, with the big horns, is a pure bred Toggenburg. She however is about 13 years old now and we don’t put her in kid anymore.

  26. Our Freya rolls in poo as well. Last time it was fox poo and we were taking her to the kennels and they washed her. Hurrah! If Freya hears the word “bath” she beats a hasty retreat! Only one smell is worse that Orkney “eau de seal”! You can probably guess what it is! Interesting that it seems to be the females that do it.

  27. Oh Bridget..I am glad you enjoyed your day in the garden:)
    Now that Freddie has sown his wild seed, you will have loads of little ones around to help you clear those “sleuths”.
    What could be better than the gentle tinkle of chimes and the twittering of birds while you are working away in your garden?
    Your Tete-a-Tete are lovely and very uplifting to see.
    Poor Lettie, but a necessary job, I’d say she enjoyed her nap afterwards! My boy, Rossi, 1 year old, loves rolling even in cat poo?? So he definitely needs a power wash after that! LOL!
    Very nice blog,and Thanks for sharing your day,Bridget 🙂

  28. Ike loves to roll in whatever he can find that is stinky – most of the time we can’t identify it other than being “stinky.” I tell myself he is covering his scent to other dogs and animals, but maybe he just plain likes the smell! Our daffs are coming up as well – the little ones are so charming.

  29. A couple of treats and a cuddle should do the trick!
    (For you two or Lettie!)
    Jane x

  30. If only my dog wuffles (a rather large collie) would fit into the mop bucket!

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