Weekend musings from a country smallholding.

In Ireland, sustainable living on February 25, 2012 at 5:45 pm

Bella is looking rather rock-chick with her new studded collar, don’t ya think? The blond stripe down her back is natural, I did’nt bleach it!! Hmm, could gel it and give her a mohican!!

Agghhh! Enid tries to eat the camera strap as I’m taking the pics!

The Strawberries have been transplanted into their new bed in the small polytunnel. Dug in lots of manure so hoping for a good Strawberry harvest.

 In the garden the Blackcurrants are already budding. They always do well regardless of weather, they seem to like the heavy soil here . They are mulched with Comfrey a few times during the year.

There was several hours of sunshine today. I spent some time in the garden, it was bliss just listening to the birds singing in the big Sycamore tree that overlooks the garden.

There’s loads of seed heads on the Kale right now. Delicious raw or steamed. This evening we are having them steamed with Basmati rice and Red Lentil Dhal, accompanied by a good helping of Hot Plum Chutney.

 Walking by Lough Allen in the evening, the cloud is rolling in and everything is so quiet and still. Just how I like it! I never understood people who go about with headphones in. It’s like they can’t cope with their own thoughts, always got to have some distraction going on. Not for me!!

  1. Hey Bridget, that pic of Enid reminds me of 2 goats we had as a child. Our local church was holding an animal blessing service, and all my mates took along their pet hamsters, tortoises and dogs etc. I took 2 goats.
    The vicar moved along blessing the head of each critter, and as he tried to bless goat number 1, it started eating his long dangly sleeves! My mum desperately tried to remove said sleeve from said mouth as the whole church erupted into giggles :o)
    Love em ❤

  2. Good morning! Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog space here, as I am digging in and trying to establish my posts your visit is greatly appreciated! I have only had a moment to take a quick gander here on your blog…I must say, I look forward to having some time to read your posts! I love learning about other’s journeys into and through the simple life. I very much look forward to following and learning more about your adventures! Wild Peace

  3. Ignorant me- I would have never considered eating the seed heads. What other plants do you do this with?

    • Rocket, the seed heads when young, before flowering are lovely in salad. Brocolli also when you take the centre will send out side shoots.

      • Thanks I’ll try the arugula – broccoli yeilds practically all winter here from the side shoots (if you can stand the aroma of the main stem decaying in the confined hoophouse space)

  4. love your goat pictures, so cute! great to find another local-ish blog 🙂

  5. Bella is completely adorable. Fab pictures too.

  6. Wow, it’s so pretty where you live! Your dinner sounds delicious. I cooked Kale for the first time this weekend.

    Your goats are cute!;)

  7. Maybe Bella yearns to go wild as Punker Goat!

  8. Loving the snazzy collar! My kale is going to seed now so will pick some this week.

  9. I love your goth goat!

  10. I suspect Bella is a bit of a diva!

  11. I think the Mohican would look awesome. Please post pictures if you do it. I’m jealous that you’re already gardening. I’ve got to wait until at least May. Right now we have a 40 mile wind that is shaking my house and bringing a winter storm probably. Ick.

  12. We just planted strawberries, potatoes and onions. We always get a little too eager too early and then get nipped by frost! We grow kale but never have tried the seed heads. Fascinating! We usually let them flower so our honeybees can enjoy them.

  13. Your village looks beautiful. Could you please post more pictures. Coming from India, we are brought up with so much English, Irish, Scottish culture,literature, history that I long to visit them; don’t know when that will happen.

  14. I think a mohican would look cool!

  15. I love to listen to the birds when I am working in the garden would never dream of having a radio on like some people

  16. I’m very envious of your goats. Do you make cheese with their milk? I have to admit to sometimes wearing headphones in the garden to listen to gardening podcasts (what else?)

  17. Dinner sounds good. Seed heads on kale – like broccoli in flavour??

  18. It’s all absolutely wonderful.

    Do you think the goats would like ear-studs?

  19. Oh Bella is so cute…I love her blond streak down her back 🙂
    Your strawberry bed is looking good! Lough Allen looks lovey, would love to stroll around it too. ‘Twas a cloudy but warm day down south in Cork too, got loads done!
    Then we sat in our seating area in tunnel 1 until 7.p.m.! Brilliant!

  20. I agree. Headphones shut out the best part–nature. But I suppose if we all liked the same thing, we’d have a very boring world.

  21. ..nor do I get whizzing about the countryside on ATVs or snowmobiles…..speedboats or those ‘motorbikes’ on water things!
    Jane x

  22. I don’t get the headphone thing either, B.

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