Carrots in the Car Park. Radishes on the Roundabout.

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Todmorden, a place I’d never heard of until I read this. What an amazing community it must be. This Victorian Mill town in West Yorkshire is now growing most of it’s own fruit and veg in areas that were just waste ground or had useless planting schemes. Inspirational! Do read and share.

In Search of Simplicity

My thanks to Helen Guthrie for printing the following inspiring article in the Far North Organic Networker that I received on Wednesday in the library. Read this. There is plenty of hope for our future as people begin to realize we can do so much more in terms of growing our own food locally than we presently are. It’s as inspiring as the Cuban example oforganoponicos. Enjoy, John

By Vincent Graff

Admittedly, it sounds like the most foolhardy of criminal capers, and one of the cheekiest, too.

Outside the police station in the small Victorian mill town of Todmorden, West Yorkshire, there are three large raised flower beds.

If you’d visited a few months ago, you’d have found them overflowing with curly kale, carrot plants, lettuces, spring onions — all manner of vegetables and salad leaves.

Today the beds are bare. Why? Because people have been wandering…

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  1. Wow, I would love to live there. That’s a great idea and brings people and neighbours together. So much of that has been lost in this fast paced world nowadays!

  2. How fucking awesome is this, right?! I want to go to Todmorden! I love it when communities do stuff like that, like getting off the grid and growing their own vege. This is how it should be done. All this public space is wasted on shrubbery and weird landscaping you can’t eat! Like what the hell!:)

  3. It’s wonderful isn’t it?
    Todmorden haunts me, it seems that wherever I am in the world, there’s always someone from Todmorden! lol

  4. […] favorite gardening blog from abroad is Arigna Gardener in Ireland. She recently reblogged a blog that I’m now reblogging, about a small town in […]

  5. Is the article available online? I could not find it.

  6. Ah Todmorden a place close to my heart. I have family who live there. It is an inspiring place, although some of the produce is very close to vehicle exhausts so it would be interesting to see how much of these toxins they are absorbing.

  7. Morning Bridget! Good article! I went to our Seedy Saturday in Victoria yesterday .. so glad to see so many people interested in growing their own food, using heritage and local seeds.

  8. Thanks for drawing our attention to this. It’s interesting not just that the food is not nicked or spoilt but that it is used. I would have expected it to die where it was planted with people being too reticent to take any. Fascinating.

  9. Maybe there’s hope of us after all??

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