Musings from a Smallholding…on a wet Irish Day.

In green living, Ireland on February 16, 2012 at 4:12 pm

Today is one of those days that typify our wet mild climate. Since morning we have had rain… soft rain… the sort I call mizzle, a cross between heavy mist and drizzle.

The mizzle gives the place a misty, mystical look. It would be a great day for filming a spooky movie. What could be lurking in those trees?

All is quiet at this homestead across the river. The only sound is a dog barking in the distance. Maybe he is spooked by the mizzle!

I really wanted to work outdoors today. The soil is too wet for working on the outdoor beds so I weeded and dug over a bed for Strawberries in the polytunnel. After digging I spread over some of this lovely compost. It is about a year in the making and is a lovely dark loam. Tomorrow I will plant the Strawberries. I have given up on planting Strawberries outdoors as the last 2 wet Summers were a disaster. The day was not cold but the mizzle made coat wearing a necessity.

The mild Spring has ensured lots of fresh green grass and fresh growth on all the shrubs. You can see the new growth on the Bay on the left. I really look forward to the trees coming in leaf again. The Birch near the back door is one of my fave trees, especially when it’s got it’s new fresh leaves. In Russia Birch trees are tapped in the Spring. This is done by drilling a small hole in the tree when the sap is rising. A straw is inserted to direct the flow of liquid into a vessel then the hole is plugged again. The resulting clear liquid is drunk as a Spring tonic. It can also be boiled down to make a sweet syrup. Anone out there ever tried this? We are going to do it this year so I’ll keep you posted!

This little Primula is flowering in a pot by the back door. It catches my eye every time I pass it by. Purple is one of my fave colours. It is said to distract the mind from everyday concerns.

The wet day gave me a chance to wear my new wellies. I got them in one of the local charity shops. They were brand spanking new so I was happy to pay the 10 euros asked for them. Oh dear! I’ve got the laces dirty already. Oh well! That’s the joy of a wet Irish day!

  1. I didn’t think a place could get as wet and grey as Vancouver in winter, but Ireland proves me wrong!

  2. Love the Primula! Awesome color.

  3. OMG, I love your wellies! Especially the yellow shoelaces!! And what a bargain.
    I like the misty photos too, it does look mist-ical!;)

    Your compost looks great.

  4. I love the hardiness of primulas/ primroses. I have one in an old pot I thought was dead, and surprised me with a big flash of colour when it bloomed last week. 🙂

  5. lace up wellies never seen that before, one of the advantages of a polly tunnel is working in it on bad weather days, my soil is too wet to do much too, your purple primmy was in my garden when I moved here I found out last year it’s called ‘wander’ I love it too as I love purple and it flowers over quite a long period, keep dry, Frances

  6. Beautiful photos and the wellies look great 🙂

  7. Very fancy wellies, but you’ll never keep those laces clean!

  8. I like primula too. They flower pretty much all year round here.

  9. Oops! Did I really call it wizzle?Sorry!

  10. Your wellies look great, especially with your lavender pants! I think wizzle needs to go in the dictionary, as it does so perfectly describe the weather seen in your ethereal photos. I like days like that, so perfect for lounging by the fire with a warm drink and book!

  11. Hello Bridget! We had mizzle here this morning too (and now it is snowing again). Due to Michigan’s Great Lakes, our weather can be very unpredictable. . . most of the time. Everyone I know is looking forward to spring and getting into the garden, now only 30 days away.

    I like really your wellies and the fact that you bought them at a “charity shop”; ours are called thrift stores – I just love hunting for bargains and items for my gardens in those stores. It is one of the things I can do for my garden during the winter months.

  12. Beautiful bargain boots!

    Feeling a bit lazy now … have been putting off a few jobs because of the weather. Tomorrow is supposed to be raining too, and then Sunday I’m out, so that’s another week gone… *sigh*. Glad somebody is making some progress!

  13. I just love the boots 🙂 Mmmm boot envy!

  14. Huh! I never thought Ireland has such mild climate. Or is it just this year? Do you experience lots of snow? I am waiting since childhood to visit that country. I like that word mizzle and I think you should patent it ;-).

  15. How lucky are you to have all that beautiful scenery I am envious. I am a townie but I think I should have been a country girl. I live about 2 miles away from Heathrow airport and about 5/6 miles from London. The only time I think I’m in the country is when Im on my allotment although we have a main road just outside the gate I dont seem to hear the traffic. I would move to the country in a heartbeat but all my kids have grown up with their own children and they are proper townies so I couldnt bear the thought of moving away from them.
    Great boots by the way, ideal for a mizzle.

  16. Love the new wellies. It’s ages since I found anything good in a charity shop.

  17. Your compost is plum?

  18. I love the word Mizzle! I grew up near Manchester and remember Drizzle all too well.
    and those are gorgeous smart wellies!

  19. Atmospheric photos, Bridget! My mother used to call that drizzly sort of rain “a smirr”. I think your brand new boots deserve a polish every day and the laces washed…

  20. Love the wellies. We’ve been lucky with the weather this week, fairly mild and some sunshine but it’s all meant to change this weekend, getting colder again. I’ve managed to do a bit on the allotment this week so feel on top of things at the moment. I know I should revel in this feeling because it won’t last long.

  21. Cold and drizzly here too. It’s an odd connection, the same weather in two places separated by several thousand miles of ocean…

  22. love the misty look of the country side! I miss it here living so close to the city. Rarely do we have fog… And congrats on finding those boots! 🙂

  23. I love the misty pictures…and your wellies look cool!

  24. We have mixed precipitation today…perfect for more flipping ice. The guy who owned our property before us used to tap the maples for syrup. Its a long labour intensive process. I just don’t have the time or, to be honest, the inclination.
    I’d love to know what the birch syrup tastes like…let us know.
    Jane x

  25. Great boots, Bridget! and I love the new word “mizzle” .. that’s fun!


  26. Beautiful! We’ve had two “mizzley” days this past week – heavy fog, mysterious dark shapes, very wet shoes. (I’d like some sun now, please!) Thanks for the new word ;-).

  27. Wow Bridget, they do look eerie. Sorry your day was “mistycal” up there. We had a lovely sunny,warm day down south, but it does look as if it is going to rain soon!

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