Musings from a Smallholding…Spring is here!

In Animals, off grid living, vegetable growing on February 7, 2012 at 5:08 pm

As Spring proceeds the animals sense the change in season, they are full of the joys of it. They are playful with each other and us. Bella loves to head-butt but does’nt realise her own strength so one has to be careful.

Once one goat starts friskin about they all join in. Enid, the hornless one, is usually pretty quiet but even she got caught up in the joy of it all.

The dogs get excited when they see the goats jumping about. They bark and chase after them which adds to the general chaos. Enid has her ears back in this pic. She does this when she’s not sure about something. Lettie just stands there barking away until I shout at her. She just loves barking. Right, that’s enough of that!

Time to do some chores. Vegetables to be harvested for the evening meal. The carrots and parsnips, together with onions, garlic and butternut squash will make a tasty, nourishing soup. The Beetroot will be juiced. There’s still quite a bit of beetroot in the polytunnel. It will have to be pulled soon before it starts to grow again. The parsnips are almost finished. They were all doubles this year, don’t know why. Still a good number of carrots growing in the polytunnel. They too need to be harvested soon. We always grow carrots in the polytunnel as they don’t get the carrot root fly in there.

 Walking past the flowerbeds on the way to the house with the produce I notice the little Sedum (sorry, Saxifrage, thanks Alberto,) is ready to burst into flower soon. This has spread to create quite a big patch  so it will make a good impact. Spring is here! Hurrah!!

Back in the house the stove is ticking over. Freddie fells the cold more than the other dogs, probably because he’s so small and has a short coat. He likes to sit as close as possible to the heat. Aw! poor little poochie!

  1. Adorable Goaties!!! Sorry I’m just catching up, as I’ve had my head buried in barn building the last two weeks 😉 Your goats look so happy…I can’t wait for ours to arrive, I’m on pins and needles!

    Your veggies look very yummy. I think my veggie garden assumes I’ve left home. I’m hoping to get out there tomorrow and see what’s growing! I’m hoping the carrots haven’t crawled out of the beds on their own!

  2. I think spring is here as well. The daffodils are blooming already. I like your goats’ enthusiasm…so cute.

  3. The goats are such a happy bunch. That first image says it all. Great post!

  4. Who says animals aren’t emotional! Max the terrier definitely gets spring fever too. Like me. Great post Bridget.

  5. Spring?!! doesn’t feel like it here….it’s all a bit gloomy! Nothing cavorting in the fields over here. I’m getting quite nostalgic for our polytunnel….

  6. It looks like you all were having a good day. I think freddie has found a good spot! I envy your carrots. Last year mine all grew to the size of my thumb. The year before that they didn’t bother to grow at all, so I guess I’m going in the right direction.

  7. I love all the photos of Enid, Bella, Lettie and of course, sweet little adorable Freddie. He’s a clever lad, just like my half pint-sized cat Bindo – always staying close to the stove. Such beautiful veggies you’ve got there, as well. Mmmm….parsnip and carrot soup – I love parsnips. Spring is such a magical time of year – when renewal and regeneration happens. Thanks for sharing all this happiness and joy, Bridget. Spring is definitely here.

  8. Lovely photos Bridget my goats used to be the same – full of the joys of spring – still getting plenty of produce I see – you will soon need to get rid of it all to make room for this years crops.

  9. The goat says it all!

  10. Wonderful photos of your free spirited goats Bridget! I am so thankful to goats for their yummy cheeses . . . that my dairy allergies still allow me to enjoy. Delicious harvest for February.

  11. the goats are wonderful and the photos capture their natures 🙂

  12. the goats look so happy, yes, must be spring in the air 🙂 still looks cold though, so I am with Freddie, sitting by the oven (stove?)

  13. Yea, Spring! I think I’ll feel like your goats and want to head butt someone for just pure joy too when it gets here and I see the new green.

  14. The goat photos made me smile. They look like they’re having fun. Unfortunately it doesn’t feel like spring here. The cold and gloom are starting to get to me. I need more goat photos to cheer me up!!!!

  15. Morning Bridget .. what terrific photos! I love the dancing goats and little Freddie .. looks so cute! Those veggies are making me hungry! Lovely crops .. I plan to grow more veggies this year!

  16. Love it Bridget !!! The goats look so happy to be out and about, we in the process of building fences so we can have ours in a bigger run. Stay happy 🙂

  17. Bella looks like a rock star.

  18. I love the goat photo, too funny! Such joy.

    Oh, and parsnips, carrots and beets – oh so yummy!


  19. Very impressed with your polytunnel harvest!

  20. Nice post 🙂 It doesn’t feel like spring yet, being -3 degrees at the moment!

    I was wondering whether the parsnip doubles were a problem? Is it a bad or a good thing that it happens?

    Thanks, keep up the good work!

  21. Hey Bridget your dogs and goats are sooo funny, I grinned when I see the big one standing and jumping!
    Parsnip is one of my fave vegetables and one of my (bitter)sweetest memories of living in the UK. Shame here in Italy there is no way to find it but I will try and keep some in my vegetable garden (which I am willing to keep this year!). Do you normally grow it in winter or could you grow it in summer too? Is it like carrots a sandy soil lover?

    PS: I think that little sedum is instead a saxifraga.

    • You’re right Alberto that is a Saxifrage! Parsnips need a long growing season, usually planted in February or March. They are then harvested over the Winter. They are said to be sweeter after frost. They would do well in a sandy soil.

  22. Lovely to see them expressing the joys of spring! It is still snowy here so we’re not quite feeling it yet!

  23. The sweet goats spreading thei joy….love it!
    Freddie is one smart dog.
    Jane x

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