An indoor day in Arigna.

In crafts on February 3, 2012 at 3:06 pm

It’s a really cold day here in the valley today. The animals water buckets are frozen and the ground is hard as a rock. After doing the necessary outdoor chores, I like to work indoors on days like this.  There are always projects to do in any old house so no need to be idle. Today’s project was to tile the concrete plinth which the solid fuel stove in the kitchen stands on. The stove was installed 3 years ago when we got rid of our oil heating so it was time to finish the job off.

The first job was to paint the concrete black. There was some old floor paint in the shed left over from a project in our old house. We are in the present house 10 years this year so the paint was pretty old. It did the job fine and dried quickly as the stove was lighting.

Rather than buy tiles we decided to make our own. There were some old slates lying around so Andy cut them to the required size with an angle grinder. I then cut out some really nice pictures from last year’s Earth Pathways Diary. Using diluted PVA glue I stuck them onto the clean slates. This is a technique called decoupage.

I get a present of the diary every year from my sister-in-law. It always has lovely images, poetry and short essays as well as being a diary. At the end of the year I cut out the pictures and use them for making cards and other projects. I love the picture above showing the cycle of the Celtic year…

and this one of the joyful Sheep. This went on the centre of the plinth. When the glue is dry the slates were varnished with 3 coats of quick-drying water based varnish.  

The finished project looks pretty good and apart from tile adhesive and grout it cost nothing. Another project finished!


  1. Just found this on Willowarchways blog. Brilliant!!!! I am so going to try that!!!

  2. Hy Bridget. I love your fireplace, and the tiles are beautiful! Thanks for checking my blog 🙂
    What’s the weather like up there now? I think we are suppose to warm up a bit down here, I hope 🙂
    Cheers, Catherine.

    • Today was meant to be 15 degrees, according to the Met Office, It’s about 10degrees, windy and cloudy. So, we wait with baited breath for better weather!

  3. Seems to me that you should write a book about your projects.

  4. A great idea! This is beautiful! So happy to find your blog!

  5. Absolutely beautiful decoupaged mosaics you’ve created, Bridget. I love the colours and the images. Your home looks so warm and cozy and comfy. I love the hearth and the plinth. Thanks for sharing your home and your creativity with us via these beautiful photos, Bridget.

  6. What a lovely idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. I think the result is amazing!

  8. Oh, that’s just pretty as a picture! And you “reused.” Amazingly CREATIVE!! I love it! 🙂

  9. I really enjoyed reading your blog. You seem to lead such a different one than I do here in Canada. Found the pics of your tiles beautiful. I’ll be viewing all your posts. Thanks for checking my blog too.

  10. Reblogged this on willowarchway and commented:
    Yet another unique idea

  11. Wow, Bridget, we LOVE those tiles!!! You could sell them (to us, ha,ha!) You have such unique ideas. Would also love to get my hands on one of those beautiful diaries too.

  12. Bridget,

    What a beautiful touch you have added here it looks great. Sorry about all that freezing weather. Winter seems to have passed us by, the next 7 days in the 50-60s F.

  13. What a fabulous job you both did. The pictures you chose for the slate tiles are fantastic and they certainly add that special touch to the project. Such a brilliant idea!

  14. Wow! You have a great eye. It gives me some ideas for changing my space as well!


  15. What a wonderful resource that diary is! I’m also drawn to the Celtic year.

  16. this post makes me reminisce about the irish waterford wood stove we had in NY… oh how i loved its warmth. i like the tile additions to your hearth, particularly the celtic cycle. nicely done.

  17. I have quite a few indoor jobs to do but I can’t seem to get motivated at the moment. I know when the weather gets warmer I’ll feel inspired to get on with them but then I won’t have the time as the allotment and garden will fill my time. I’m just hoping we don’t get any snow this weekend. Stay warm and have a good weekend Bridget.

  18. Very satisfying to get a project finished. I never would have thought of putting decoupage on tiles. Lovely piece of work.

  19. Morning Bridget (it’s not yet 9 am here) … how brilliant is that` Whan an amazing inside technique. Your fireplace looks so warm and cozy, a lovely place to be today. Those tiles are magnificent! I wonder if I could do the same with some glazed floor tiles that I have stored away! When I try it .. I’ll post some pics. Won’t be for awhle , though ..I have to find out where I’ve put them! 🙂

  20. That looks amazing, good job! xx

  21. What a good idea and so original and almost free.

  22. I love those pictures, love your place; what a great project and idea. It is so happy and warm.

  23. Nice! I love the Celtic Year image.

  24. What a lovely project. I love the tiles. So creative! Karla

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