Fave pics of 2011.

In Gardening on December 18, 2011 at 4:48 pm

We only have pictures from May onwards as our computer had a hissy fit and devoured everything before May including photos of our Finland trip in April. Boo hoo!!  This pic was taken in the garden of The Royal Hospital in Kilmainham, Dublin. It is of course lovely hubby Andy stopping to smell the Roses. Taken in May.

14th June was my Mothers 75th birthday. We went to Birr Castle to have lunch and visit the gardens there. Pictured is myself, on left, Lizzie in the middle and Bridget my 16 year old niece.

July should have been high Summer…it was’nt…it was grey, cold, wet and windy. My lovely Buddha statue was blown off the windowsill and broke. Rather than bin it I inserted the top half in a pot  planted  with succulents. It has filled out nicely now.

Back to the end of June which saw the arrival of new puppy Freddie. He has settled in with our other dogs Lettie and Alice. He was 1 year old in October.

The bad weather continued into August but there were lots of flowers despite it. This is through the garden gate into the veg and fruit garden.

September gave lots of rain so there were lots of Mushrooms. We went to Ireland’s first Mushroom Festival at Killegar Manor in County Cavan.

In October I was in Clare house sitting and looking after Goats, Chickens, Cats and an orphaned baby Guinea Pig called Gerry who had to be fed from a dropper twice daily.

November was great…good weather at last. After the coldest Summer in 50 years November was mild and Springlike. Fab! That certainly shortened the Winter. I can’t believe it’s now just a few days to the Solstice when once again we can look forward to Spring and lenghtening evenings once again.

  1. I grew up spending most of my summers in Ireland. Your posts are certainly making me wistfully nostalgic!

  2. Love the photos! Thank you for the “like”.

  3. I’ve been enjoying your blog, your photos, your recipes and your thoughts and musings
    throughout this entire year, Bridget. It was a pleasure to first meet you at the Teapot Market
    earlier this year, and then again at the Winter Market (although it was only an all-too-brief chat).

    The photos you’ve shared with us on this blog post are all lovely and your accompanying thougths and memories make each photo all the more enjoyable. It’s a great idea to have a year-end photo round-up post (this from someone who’s not a blogger, but a blog-reader in the extreme…as in, about 176 blog subscriptions, and counting, LOL).

    May I take this time – on this, the Winter Solstice – to wish you, Andy, your family and loved ones (especially all your beautiful cats, dogs (and puppies!), goats, chickens, donkeys and guinea pigs, a beautiful yule season. Nollaig Shona Dhuit, as well, a chara.

  4. I enjoyed this post and especially loved seeing the lovely garden gate into the veg and fruit garden.

  5. Very fun to see photos of you and yours. Enjoyed your blog in 2011. Happy Holidays, Carolyn

  6. Hi Bridget,
    I’ve sure enjoyed seeing Ireland through your eyes this year. Happy Holidays to you!

  7. Nice pics

  8. […] the pictures I’ve taken earlier this year. I must admit I’ve been inspired by a post by Bridget from Arigna, she framed her best 2011 moments in one post. I think I’m doing something similar by the end […]

  9. Hi Bridget! Losing pictures is everyone’s nightmare! Sorry, you lost yours!
    Thanks for sharing these shots with us! The first one is priceless! I’d call it ‘Stop and smell the roses’. Have a lovely Holiday season!

  10. I love that you allow us a glimpse into your life. It’s so nice! The Royal Hospital garden in Dublin is lovely!

  11. I’ve loved reading your blog and seeing the photos of the beautiful countryside you live in. You seem to be having a mild winter in Ireland and in Australia (or at least in Sydney) we are having a very cold, wet summer. As I write the rain is pelting down, the sky is dark and heavy and the thunder is rolling. I too keep bees and hope that they will get to enjoy some warm weather for foraging and building up their honey stores before summer is over. I read in your earlier posts how much you are loving beetroot. As a vegetarian, you may enjoy this iron-rich Roast Beetroot Dip. It doesn’t have to be eaten as a dip, it is also good over salad or used as you would a chutney. To make peel and quarter beetroots and toss in olive oil then roast in a moderate oven until soft. Use a blender to blend roasted beetroots with approx 1 cup of yoghurt, a generous bunch of parsley, a dash of balsamic vinegar and lemon juice. I always add LOTS of parsley. Enjoy.

  12. You have set everyone off now Bridget – I should imagine quite a few of us will be doing a year end round-up. I am so glad I found your blog and shall enjoy seeing more of your garden next year.

  13. Happy Christmas ,( or whatever you celebrate) from Jane in Canada. I’ve enjoyed your blog through 2011 and look forward to 2012.
    Jane xx

  14. nice round up Bridget, back up, back up, back up, so often people do not back up their computer stuff and like you learn the hard way, sorry you lost your photos, perhaps it could be a good excuse to go to Finland again and I hope you have a back up memory now,
    I remember your taking your mum out for her birthday seems like yesterday I started reading your blog but it’s more that 6 months, time flies, love your flower arch beautiful, I’m counting the days to the Solstice, Frances

  15. […] they’re enjoying the Enchantment of Midwinter, Arigna Gardener is looking back at her Favourite Pics of 2011, The Accidental Smallholder is relieved that her sheep Dickie is recovering from a bout of […]

  16. Good morning Bridget! I love your post and seeing little bits of Ireland, a country I have not visited (yet). Your new little doggy looks so sweet . .lucky you, 3 dogs! I love the floral arbor that leads from one garden area to the other. Your house looks beautiful, I love the stair rails, solid wood. Yes, this is a great idea, to run through the year .. I think I’ll copy that idea, if you don’t mind! So sorry to hear that you lost your photos pre-May, how sad! You have such a happy, fulfilling life over there .. and you & Andy care so much for the animals! 🙂

  17. Hi Bridget! I enjoyed this post and I think I will ‘copy’ your idea of browsing some of the best 2011’s pics, it’s a good cure for winter blues, isn’t it? 🙂

    Do you know/remember the name of that rose at The Royal Hospital in Kilmainham?

    It’s weird because here it was the hottest summer in the last 50 yrs…

  18. Loved seeing your photos of the year. Sorry to hear you lost your Finland photos. Looking forward to the Solstice and the path towards spring.

  19. Have thoroughly enjoyed your blog posts throughout 2011. Wishing you and Andy a very happy Christmas and I look forward to reading your blog and seeing more pics in 2012

    Ena x.x

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