Rural Rambles from Arigna.

In Animals, arigna on December 15, 2011 at 5:46 pm


The Sun when it appears in these dark December days has a watery wintry feel…in tune with the weather I suppose. The air is damp and the earth is permanently wet. When out and about one is aware of the particles of moisture in the air. The dogs have to be dried off before they come into the house in the evening. They spend the days outdoors and come into the house as darkness falls. They enjoy their house time relax before going to their shed for the night.

The sunsets have not been very dramatic in the recent cloudy grey weather. This one a few evenings ago is as good as it’s got.


The animals are all being fed hay now…they really appreciate this on rainy days as they don’t like getting wet. A lot of people think Donkeys coats are waterproof but that is not the case. In the mornings they get a little treat. Daphne really likes carrots as do the goats. Enid the milking goat gets an extra treat of some organic concentrate while she is being milked. Other favourite treats are Ginger Nut biscuits, Polo Mints and bread of any type.

In the garden the Fuschias continue to flower. I have never seen flowering to continue so far into the year. They are not of course as plentiful as earlier in the year but they are a welcome splash of unexpected colour at this time.

Spindle  has now lost it’s leaves but the berries are still giving a good show.

On the lane the sloes still hang from the leafless Blackthorn. Usually these would have been consumed by birds by now. Tradition dictates that these and indeed any berries are not picked after Halloween as it is said that the Pooka would have breathed on them at that time.

Lower in the valley the Arigna river slowly meanders on its journey to Lough Allen.

  1. Our winters in Wales are similar. The constant dampness is annoying. The soil doesn’t look good, it has taken quite a pummeling with all the rain we’ve had. We had our first real frost last night which is very late in the year but it is meant to get mild again here for Christmas. I like snow at Christmas but we’ve got quite a bit of travelling to do so would prefer benign weather to make our journeys easier. Love your photos and hearing about your goat’s liking for ginger biscuits.

  2. I like how you describe the moisture. I wake up in the morning and I just feel cold and wet, though the house is so dry, my face hurts. We’re feeling it too. A log fire sure does sound nice right about now….with marshmallows.

  3. You learn something every day – I didn’t know goats like Ginger Nuts and Polo Mints! (I love that you give your animal special treats in the cold and wet weather.) Interesting bit of folklore as well about the Pooka, one to watch out for!

  4. Pooka? Like Harvey, in the Jimmy Stewart movie? Cool!

  5. Bridget, your landscape photos could have been taken in our neck of the woods until very recently. The moisture hangs in the air and it never dries out under foot. But the time of hard frosts has arrived and it’s so icy in the morning when i go to let the hens out. They need their treats too.

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