As November Ends.

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As the month draws to a close the weather has become a little colder…we were spoilt by the mild conditions of October and November. Still no heavy frost…lots of rain though. The sun is low is the sky…less than a month to go now before it starts its upward journey and the days once again start to lenghten.


In the garden the plants seem to have been fooled by the Spring like Autumn. I have never seen Borage to be still producing flowers into November…and this plant is outside!




The Fatsia has produces it’s odd little flowers…last year they were destroyed by hard frost. Daffodils and Crocus are budding early…as are so many other things.


The grass in the fields continues to grow which keeps the animals happy. Last year we were feeding them hay throughout November. We have hay in store so if the weather suddenly turns we are prepared. Lots of food in our own store too. We were snowed in last year for 2 weeks at end of November into first week of December. Then we had a thaw before being cut off again for 2 more weeks which included Christmas Day.


Daphne is looking very cuddly at the moment as she has grown her Winter coat…she’s takin no chances with the weather!

The dogs and I continue to have twice daily walks on the lane regardless of weather. The low sun gives little Lettie the shadow of a Great Dane…and me a giant. Yes…I continue to be amused by the long shadows…I’m easily entertained really!


In  the kitchen work continues turning the Summer fruits into jams and chutneys. I have booked a stall at the Christmas Fair in Manorhamilton next Sunday so will sell the preserves there. I will also do some baked goods…Almond Tarts, Melting Moments and Caramel Slices are always good sellers. So…a busy week ahead for me.

  1. Here on the west coast of British Columbia we are having a similar experience in the garden with all kinds of plants looking as if they are preparing for spring, and blossoms still hanging in from last year. I particularly like your top photo – such a beautiful green country you live in.

  2. Good morning Bridget! The beetroot juice & cake sound delicious! The weather there seems quite similar to ours (Victoria,B.C.). Your place and island seem most lovely! I like the description of the elongated shadows of your dogs & yourself as you went for a walk .. And the chutneys sound great. I made some this year for the first time, didn’t like the colour of some (green tomato) so just added some Tamarind paste … worked out great.

    I’m on a housecleaning bender .. we’re having our annual Christmas gettogether with friends and so everything needs to be polished and dusted. The stove & oven have never looked so good .. ha ha ha. ttfn, A.M.

  3. looking forward to your december posts. your farm is lovely!

  4. I love your lifestyle. Jealous, jealous, jealous… But for me Ireland is a bit cold. I experienced something similar when I lived in Bolivia.

    I linked your blog on Eco-Crap, thanks for the visit.


  5. Have fun at the Christmas Fair! Wonderful treats for gifts. Hope you sell out!

  6. Lucky people attending your local fair that will get to buy your preserves. When I saw the photo of all the jars I did wonder what you would do with all of them. It’s still mild here in Wales, still no frost but it has been very wet. Can’t wait for the shortest day I may plan a bit of a celebration for the longer days to come.

  7. How different everything is to last year. I hope we,re not going to get lots of snow later. Bu a bit of frost and cold to kill of the bugs would be good. Christmas Fairs are always fun….

  8. Bridget, I count the days until December 21 when the days start getting longer. It’s not that far away—thanks for reminding me. We are having incredibly mild weather here in the mid-Atlantic U.S.—67 degrees F (19 C) here today and in the 60s for the past week. Unseasonal but I love it. Carolyn

  9. I love your animals!

  10. Your store cupboard looks pretty healthy.

  11. Simply beautiful photos! Love your house/neighborhood! There is so much space in it.

  12. We have had warmer than usual weather as well but had our first major snowstorm before the end of October. Each year is so very different.

  13. Daphne is adorable! I love your preserves cupboard too.
    Jane x

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